How can you choose the best family lawyer for you?

Are you looking for a good family lawyer?

Choosing the best family lawyer is important for you to get the best possible outcome for your family. You need someone who will help you understand what you’re going through. The best family lawyer for you can mean a less stressful, less expensive, and less emotional process.

You may read through these seven factors when selecting a family lawyer as soon as possible. Hopefully, you can reach a favourable outcome in a timely and cost-effective manner.

To choose the best family lawyer, here are some tips to consider:

1. Look for a lawyer in advance

When you are separated from your partner, you may feel confused and apprehensive about your future. Seeking advice on your rights and obligations as soon as possible, even if you and your partner are on good terms or attempting reconciliation, is highly recommended.

This is because it is likely to have a positive impact on your finances. Another is that it may ensure proper care arrangements for your children (if any) are in place.

It may also allow you to make difficult decisions that you have been debating for a long time.

Meeting with a family lawyer in advance of formalising your property settlement with your spouse will keep you secure.

According to Nick McCabe, Barrister and Solicitor, from Randle & Taylor Barristers and Solicitors: “A family lawyer can provide you with legal advice in relation to the distribution of property between you and your partner together with parenting and child custody advice. A family lawyer can represent you in the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia.”

2. Check reviews or ask around

Family lawyer for you

Think of your search for the best lawyer in the same way you would any other professional: ask friends and family members. It is good to ask if they know any lawyers they can recommend. This way, you’ll have evidence of good feedback from people you know and trust.

With our divorce rates, it is possible that other people in your extended family or social circle have experienced looking for a family lawyer. They may be able to advise you on which lawyer to choose. They may even help you ask the right questions.

You don’t have to rely solely on your friends. Other professionals, such as accountants and psychiatrists, often deal with divorce lawyers. If you know someone, they can refer you to lawyers they have previously worked with if they believe these lawyers will be the best fit for you.

3. Choose someone who is an expert in their field

In 2020, 49,510 divorces were filed according to the Australian Institute of Family Studies. This means that a big percentage of the population goes through a divorce. Aside from the process of separating, there are other factors to consider such as prenups, child custody, and property, among others.

Family law is complex and changing, with new laws and policies. A lawyer who handles different types of law may not be the greatest choice because they might not have a thorough understanding of family law.

With this, a professional family lawyer who specialises in family and divorce law is significantly more likely to be the best counsel for you. Meet with them to see if they have the abilities and experience that you are looking for.

For example, if you believe your case is going to go to court, you should be sure about your lawyer.

4. Are you compatible?

While you are considering the following:

  • your lawyer’s level of competence
  • their previous experience
  • the outcomes of their previous cases.

Consider how you find their demeanour and whether you are comfortable with their style and approach.

Although this is a professional connection, the best family lawyer for you is someone you will trust to protect your interests.

If dealing with a lawyer who may cause greater stress, meaning:

  • if you believe they are not listening to you
  • you feel as if they are not treating you with respect
  • you feel they are not providing you with the advice and information you need to understand your rights.

It may be best to look for someone else. There is always this option and possibility.

5. The cost is not the only issue

According to ABC news, a solicitor may charge $300 per hour and more.

On the other hand, you may be thinking of hiring a less expensive lawyer to be practical. However, a lawyer’s fee is not the only factor to consider here. There are other deciding factors as to which lawyer to hire like their law degree, the experience they have in years, how tough their cases are, winning cases, etc.

6. Accessibility

Best family lawyer

You will need to choose a divorce lawyer who is accessible to you. This means that they answer your calls or at least, swiftly return them. They consistently respond to your emails and text messages.

It is quite hard to invest time and money on someone if you believe they are not giving your case the attention it requires.

Similarly, it would be difficult to work with a lawyer who continually uses legal jargon without explaining it to you. Given that this is your case, they need to explain in a way that you will understand.

Choosing a family lawyer near you is no longer a top consideration because most communication is now done remotely. You might increase your chances of finding a good family lawyer by broadening your search to a bigger area.

7. Make certain that you have access to all process options

Family law practice is complex. It is important that you choose a lawyer who can provide you with many options and approaches of the resolution you are looking for.

Collaborative law, mediation, traditional negotiation, and litigation are examples of these.

Finding a lawyer who will try to handle your dispute outside of court is necessary, as litigation can be expensive. Litigation is also time-consuming.

On the other hand, collaborative law focuses on taking a cooperative approach or a dispute resolution.

See what your options are and consider what is best for you and your family.

To end…

Many who are going through a divorce have no prior experience with legal concerns of any type. Let alone the legal aspects of a divorce.

It can be difficult to know how to go about finding the correct person to lead you through the process. Hopefully, these tips help with the initial process. Here is hoping you find the best lawyer you need for your family!

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Marshall Thurlow
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