How a family law solicitor can help you in your time of need

A family law solicitor can help you in a variety of ways in your time of need. It could be anything from divorce proceedings to child custody arrangements or property settlements. A messy divorce can be a tough process to deal with, so knowing that you have the best family law barrister helping you with your case is certainly comforting. Once you have chosen a solicitor to be your legal representative in your matter, be sure to take on board their advice and perspective.

Reliable, technical advice

You want reliable and consistent advice from your lawyer. O’Sullivan Legal is a law firm situated in Sydney who can provide just that. Started by Ben O’Sullivan, O’Sullivan Legal has developed an unparalleled reputation because of their commitment to their clients and supreme knowledge of the family law system. Regardless of who you hire, knowing that your solicitor is aware of their responsibilities and is well-informed regarding the specifics of your case is crucial to a successful outcome.

Fair child custody arrangements

Your lawyer will endeavour to deliver fair and equitable child custody arrangements. When going through a divorce, it is important that any young children involved feel a sense of normalcy. It can be hard for a child to emotionally deal with the notion that their parents are no longer in a committed relationship. Ensuring that the child’s best interests are considered will always be at the heart of any child custody hearings.

Equitable property and finance settlements

Splitting up financial assets can be a daunting prospect. However, an effective family law solicitor will ensure that this process is executed smoothly. Things can be complicated by the fact that one party will often require financial assistance from the other. Efficient lawyers will have set processes in place to clarify any concerns you may have regarding the splitting of property and other shared assets.

Firstly, all assets, liabilities and properties are identified and valued. Following this, relevant contributions made by both parties are assessed – these are often expressed as a net percentage of the asset’s total value. After this, the future financial needs of both parties need to be taken into consideration, which may affect the contribution entitlements as outlined in the second step.

Same-sex divorces

Same-sex marriages and divorces possess all the legal rights that heterosexual relationships have. Since the legalisation of same-sex marriage in Australia in 2017, those in gay and lesbian couples now have their relationships formally recognised as a “marriage.” Because of such legal changes, there are now family law solicitors who are well equipped in handling same-sex divorces. The same conditions apply before a same-sex divorce can proceed – for example; the couple have to have been separated for a period of at least 12 months before an application can be formally filed.

So, if you’re in need of family law assistance, remember that there are plenty of ways that a quality solicitor can help you!

Christian Woods
Christian Woods
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