Hollywood Ripper found guilty following Ashton Kutcher testimony

The “Hollywood Ripper” Michael Gargiulo has been convicted guilty of murdering two women including Ashton Kutcher’s one-time date, Ashley Ellerin.

The verdict was read on Thursday following Kutcher’s testimony about the night Ellerin was murdered. The actor testified in court during Gargiulo’s murder trial held on May 29. Gargiulo was accused of murdering three women and is convicted for two counts of murder and one count of attempted murder.

The jury assigned to the case unanimously made the decision that Gargiulo is guilty of first-degree murders of Maria Bruno and Ellerin. The verdict also finds Gargiulo guilty of attempting to murder Michelle Murphy.

To fill you in on the details, Kutcher and Ellerin casually knew each other for months before he asked her on what was supposed to be their first date. Kutcher picked her up on the evening of February 21, 2001. When the actor arrived on Ellerin’s doorstep, he knocked but no one answered. He also tried calling her to no avail. In his testimony, Kutcher says he peeked into the window and saw what he thought was wine stains on the carpet and left.

The wine stains turned out to be blood as Ellerin was stabbed 47 times while she was preparing to meet with Kutcher. Her lifeless body was found in a pool of her own blood by her roommate.

Kutcher found out about the murder the next day recalling that he was “freaking out.” The That 70’s Show alum then went straight to authorities to inform them that he was there the night before and had his fingerprints on the door.

Laura Ebeling
Laura Ebeling
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