Here’s everything we know about Game of Thrones Season 8

2019 has now arrived, which brings with it the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones. With season seven ending in August 2017, it has been almost two years since the show has aired. But as the date draws closer to the final seasons’ release, fans find themselves with many questions; when will the first episode premier? How many episodes will there be? Who will be in the last season?

Aside from the recently released trailers, the creators have been quite secretive about the final season. So here is a breakdown of everything we currently know about Game of Thrones season eight.

There has been much speculation surrounding the exact release date of the eighth season of the program, but finally, fans have a date to put in their calendars.  So when is the premier of the final season? HBO has confirmed that season eight will begin on April 14th.

Although this still feels like months away, it is nothing in comparison to how long the show’s creators have already kept us waiting. Now 2019 has begun, the countdown for the first episode of the last, and potentially the most dramatic season can begin.

The show is known for its hour long, ten episode seasons that are perfect for binge watching. But the creators shocked everyone when season seven only had seven episodes. It has now been confirmed that there will be even fewer episodes in the final season.

The story is drawing to an end, so fans will have to deal with the fact that season eight will comprise of only six episodes. However, the consolidation is that each episode is set to be over an hour long.

Those who have read the books, as well as watching the show are already aware that the series has overtaken the books. Essentially, the TV series is further along in the plot than the books are. So what does this mean? Well, like the previous season, season eight will mostly consist of original content that is not found in George R. R. Martin’s novels.

Another question many fans want answered is who exactly will be in the final season? The creators have kept quite quiet about this, but some of the main cast members confirmed to be involved include: Peter Dinklage, Emelia Clarke, Kit Harington, Sophie Turner, Masie Williams and Lena Headly.

There is still so much we don’t know about the final season of Game of Thrones. However, with the premier episode just around the corner, fans won’t have to wait long before all their questions are answered.

Rebecca Kellett
Rebecca Kellett
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