Harvey Weinstein had an “obsession” with Michelle Williams

Harvey Weinstein showed a particular interest in a film and producers were surprised. However, he then started to show up without notice.

Former colleagues of Michelle Williams have spoken out about the intense interest that Harvey Weinstein had in her saying that he would show up without any advanced notice when the Hollywood star was filming nude scenes.

The ABC’s Four Corner’s presented a documentary that detailed the alleged sexual harassment and abuse by Mr. Weinstein who at one stage was known as the most powerful man in the film industry. The claims have stretched back almost three decades with the film focussing purely on those coming out of the UK.

Interviews with assistants and staff from both The Weinstein Company and Miramax are shown in the documentary along with producer David Parfitt who recounted Weinstein having assaulted numerous staff members verbally, physically and sexually.

David Parfitt has won an Oscar with Weinstein for the work in Shakespeare in Love but it is clear that the two did not create a strong bond as Mr. Parfitt said that he was “surprised” to see Harvey Weinstein take such an interest in his film My Week with Marilyn in 2011 – a film in which Marilyn Monroe was played by Michelle Williams.

Mr. Parfitt recounted that there was a particular day when Harvey Weinstein showed up for a scene that involved nude swimming. He said that Weinstein was “desperate to be around Michelle…in a sort of creepy, stalkerish way”.

He continued to say that Harvey Weinstein’s response to the film was of anger following his disappointment in the apparent featuring of Williams saying that she wasn’t featured enough.

Following the tests of the film and positive results, Mr. Weinstein was seen angry with the good results not what he expected.

David Parfitt said that as a result, Harvey Weinstein assaulted him, in the surrounds of staff and assistants, “threatening all sorts of stuff”. Parfitt has not worked with Weinstein since.

The recounts didn’t stop there with many other staff members saying that they had experienced abusive situations with Harvey Weinstein.

Laura Madden, a former director of production at Miramax said that she had a rather unpleasant encounter with Harvey Weinstein the first time they met when “all of my clothes ended up coming off”.

She went on to say that there was a lot of fear surrounding Mr Weinstein and his bullying nature towards all members of staff despite the majority of his behaviour directed towards women.

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