Harry Styles breaks hearts as he turns down Prince Eric casting

Those broken hearts includes mine. Harry Styles, one of the most captivating young talents to grace the surface of the earth, has reportedly turned down the role of Prince Eric in Disney’s The Little Mermaid live-action remake.

The sad news was first reported by the entertainment news outlet, TheWrap. The outlet cites “individuals with knowledge of the project” as their sources. One of the outlet’s sources says that while the Two Ghosts hitmaker is interested in the film, he respectfully declined the offer to play opposite Halle Bailey’s Ariel.

Last Tuesday, AMC Theatres and Regal Cinemas riled up fans after they falsely posted on Twitter that Styles had been officially confirmed for the role. Both cinema chains deleted their Tweets later on.

So what was the reason behind Styles turning down the role? Fans speculate that he humbly did not accept the role so as to keep the spotlight on Bailey instead of shifting the focus to himself. While it’s safe to say that Bailey can indeed hold on her own, Style’s massive fan following has been rooting for his casting since it circulated in the rumor mill. While his rumored casting was received with generally positive reactions, there were many close-minded people on the internet that were not happy with Bailey’s casting.

The Little Mermaid remake has only three confirmed cast members so far. Aside from Bailey, child actor Jacob Tremblay will be playing flounder. As for Scuttle, rapper and actress Awkwafina has bagged the role.

Hopefully, Disney will end up choosing the right Prince Eric. Dare I say, Timothee Chalamet?

Laura Ebeling
Laura Ebeling
Laura is a reporter and a gossip columnist for Best in Australia. She focuses on celebrities, science and social affairs in Australia and worldwide.
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