Lamar Odom has ‘Definitely Moved On’ from ex Khloe Kardashian

There’s no turning back for Lamar Odom. The former basketball star claims that he’s completely moved forward from his highly publicized relationship with reality star Khloe Kardashian.

Odom made the comments about his ex-wife during an interview with his new lady love, Sabrina Parr. Speaking to Gary Hayes on Dish Nation last Monday, the lovely couple shared details about their new relationship.

Hayes asked Odom if he’s moved on from the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star to which he replied: “I’ve definitely moved on.” The former NBA player also denied claims that the famous Kardashian clan put him under “a spell” saying he “I knew what I was getting myself into.”

As for how being in a relationship with Parr is different from being married to Khloe, he candidly replied, “The truth. She’s black.”

Hayes then turned to Parr to ask why she decided to be involved with Odom despite his highly publicized and tumultuous past.

“I wasn’t attracted to the pain and the drama,” Parr explained. “You have to meet people where they are. He was never in a position to be someone’s husband, you know? He was sick.”

Parr, who works as a health and life coach, adds that Odom needed to grieve and heal from his past losses in order to be a good match for someone.
Before the interview, Odom previously cleared the air after Khloe’s fans accused the former athlete of comparing Parr to his ex-wife. Odom says that he “deeply” respects his ex-wife saying that he never intended to offend anyone.

Laura Ebeling
Laura Ebeling
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