Green Day frontman shades Ariana Grande, praises Billie Eilish

Green Day lead vocalist Billie Joe Armstrong has thrown shade at Ariana Grande while saying that Billie Eilish is better than her.

On a sit down with USA Today last week, the Green Day frontman talked about the band’s upcoming album, the Grammys, and music in general. All of this stemmed from the interviewer asking Armstrong about his thoughts on Billie Eilish’s Grammy wins.

Armstrong expressed his happiness and excitement for the young singer especially when she and her brother won ten Grammys during the awards ceremony. Armstrong said he was elated for the Eilishes and that the siblings were legit especially when compared to other popstars

Green Day’s frontman went on to explain that Eilish’s Grammy wins were well-deserved and that they were creating real music that comes from them personally, one of the reasons why their music is so good compared to other pop acts. Things started to get a bit spicy when Armstrong compared Eilish to Ariana Grande.

“It’s not even comparable to think about what she does compare to someone like Ariana Grande,” Armstrong said, adamantly telling the interviewer that Eilish was the real deal.

And because of this, just like any fanbase would do when their idol gets some heat from another person, they did not take what Green Day’s lead singer said lightly, taking their digital torches and pitchforks to social media to air their feelings.

Fans went on to say things like people should not compare women in a crap industry. Those people should not drag Billie because she loves Ariana just like how the fans love Ariana. Others even used the ‘I’m not really a fan card’ to justify their boiling fury towards Armstrong, saying that it was s****y of the Green Day frontman to say such things to Grande. These and a lot more have been thrown out over the week after the news broke out which makes the Twitterverse one of the truly entertaining and somewhat annoying places on the internet (depending on how you view it).

Armstrong did not stop with Ariana though, slamming the Grammys itself for apparently not having enough rock music representation during their event. The frontman said that the Grammys are doing a disservice to rock music for having a comedy record award and not having a rock band perform. People will and probably have already threw shade at Armstrong already for these statements, and we all know the go-to move for slinging poop at someone who has said such things: The washed-up card—which is not the case since Green Day is and will always be one of the best rock bands.

Alain Ang
Alain Ang
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