Gigi Hadid body-shamed for not having a runway body

Gigi Hadid is one of the most recognizable and popular models in the world, but that doesn’t exempt her from criticism in her industry.

The model recently shared that she has been body-shamed in the modeling world. Talking to iD Magazine, one-half of the Hadid sisters revealed that her career in modeling hasn’t always been easy especially at the start.

During the interview, Gigi talked about how it was a big deal for her when she was the first cast for a runway show in Paris. She explained that it was a big deal for her to be cast in Jean Paul’s last ready to wear fashion show back in 2015 and be put in an outfit that showed a lot of skin. Hadid explained that there were designers that would have her in their shows but they would put her in something that covered her entire body and that it was the first time where she felt that someone like Jean-Paul wanted her to shine, which meant a lot to her as a young model.

The model added that she knew for a fact that Jean-Paul has done this for other models as well. She said it was a full-circle moment that was very meaningful to her when she walked in Jean Paul Gaultier’s last runway show last January.

Gigi said that it was an honor for her when they asked her to walk in it. According to Hadid Gaultier doesn’t just work with the people he had previously worked with. The model praised him as a designer and as a person. Gigi said that Jean-Paul cared a lot for the person that wears his designs and brings out something out of them.

The model also talked about life outside her career, stating that she plans to have a simple and discreet personal life in the future.

She mentions that as she gets older, she slowly starts to think about starting a family and that her modeling career isn’t a certainty for her. She added that she also likes the creative side of the fashion industry and that it’s fulfilling. She also hinted at taking up cooking when she slows down.

It seems like the model has found the perfect work-life balance and fans will be surely happy that she hasn’t let the negativity of her haters impede her in her pursuing her dreams.

Alain Ang
Alain Ang
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