George Clooney on wife Amal: “people tiptoe around her”

High-profile couple George and Amal Clooney are about to celebrate their fifth year of marriage later this year. In a rare interview, George has opened up about his barrister wife and life as a father.

The 58-year-old A-lister married human rights lawyer Amal back in September 2014. In the summer of 2017, they welcomed their twins Ella and Alexander. In an interview with The Daily Mail, George reveals that his wife isn’t all who she seems in the public eye. The actor says that people tend to “tiptoe around her” because of her very serious and professional background.

“It’s funny because nobody knows her well because she doesn’t really do interviews,” he said. “And she works on such serious subjects that people tend to tiptoe around her. But she’s one of the funniest people you will ever meet.”

Prior to his marriage with Amal, George was married for four years to ex-wife and actress Talia Balsam. When asked about his previous statement about never re-marrying or having children the actor said:

“It was just something I said years ago,”

“I’d been married once before and I probably wasn’t very good at it then.”

The Suburbicon producer also shared details of his life-changing experience as a father. He even quipped about never having to sleep on the couch prior to fathering twins.

“My daughter Ella was sick last night,” he said. “She woke up at 2.30, went to sleep again, then woke up again at 4.30.”

“She was crying so we put her in our bed.

“Then she took over the bed to the point where I was literally lying at the foot of the bed because that was the only place there was room for me,” the weary actor admitted.

“She finally falls asleep, we don’t want her to fall off the bed, so I’m finding pillows and putting them all around the bed like a bouncy castle in case she falls off.

“And then there was no room for me at all, so I had to go sleep on the couch in the nursery.

“That didn’t happen before I had kids,” he joked.

Laura Ebeling
Laura Ebeling
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