Five ways timesheet software can benefit your business

If you’re looking to boost productivity in 2022, timesheet software should definitely be on your business’s radar. With more variety than ever before in how we work, and technology taking on more roles in the workplace, it makes sense to update your record keeping procedures in this regard. It may seem hard to believe that something as simple as timesheet software can have a significant impact on workflow within your company, but the benefits of this technology speak for themselves:

Streamlined processes

Possibly the biggest perk of upgrading from paper or spreadsheet based systems to timesheet software is that it will greatly streamline processes within your business. Where previously employees had to submit their hours which would then need to be verified by management before being passed along to payroll, timesheet software allows everything to happen natively in one place. This makes the entire process easier for everyone and can greatly boost productivity as less time is wasted on basic processes.

Better record keeping

The next benefit of upgrading to timesheet software within your business is that it allows for better record keeping. Because everything is stored natively within the one program, you can easily organise and store records without having to worry about scanning documents, device based vs cloud filing systems and lost data. This makes it far easier to keep track of everything and negates the need to go hunting for hours on end for a single file, simply select the employee or date within your timesheet software and you’re ready to go.

Easier data analysis

Timesheet software

Carrying on from this is a great ease in data analysis. Say you wanted to look at the total time put in by a single employee over the span of their employment, or perhaps you want to better understand the collective hours worked at different times of the year. Where previously this would have had to have been worked out using complex formulas (or worse, manually) you can now simply view large chunks of data in a simplified format. This makes analysing trends a far less time consuming process and also allows for better accuracy.

Greater flexibility

Another benefit of timesheet software is that it allows for greater flexibility within your workforce. With working remotely having grown massively in popularity over the last two years, it makes sense to implement a system that makes this transition as easy as possible. By allowing employees to log their hours with timesheet software, you negate the need to have them come into the office allowing for more effective remote work.

Increased productivity in other areas

Finally, timesheet software can also help increase productivity in other areas of your business. Because employees are wasting less time manually completing things that could be automated or handled far more easily, they have more time to focus on other tasks. This also frees up brain power that would have otherwise been used for work that although necessary, does not increase productivity or profits.

As the world moves to relying more heavily on digital assistance with everything that we do, it makes sense for your business to evolve alongside the trend. By advancing with new technology, such as timesheet software, your company becomes better positioned to operate in your current capacity and sets you up for future integration and advancement. If you are looking for ways to improve productivity in the new year, eliminating “grunt work” is a great place to start, as it requires substantial mental processing power and focus without providing equivalent benefits of output. In other words, today you might just be implementing timesheet software, but tomorrow you could be taking over the world.

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