Everything you need to know about the Clueless reboot

You read that right. Clueless is getting a reboot series but fans shouldn’t be too excited because it’s not the remake you might be thinking of.

Clueless is known as an iconic teen comedy classic from 1995. However, the series will be diverting from humor with a dramatic spin. The Clueless reboot will be a mystery-drama and it won’t be focusing on Cher. Instead, her best friend Dionne will be receiving most of the attention.

That’s right, no Cher, no laughs but there’s a whole lot of drugs apparently. The potential TV series is described to be a cross between Mean Girls, Pretty Little Liars, Riverdale and according to Deadline, “a Lizzo music video” (Because a little sprinkle of Lizzo can do no wrong.) Events in the upcoming project will take place in a Los Angeles high school and set in the present day.

As to why we won’t be seeing a lot of Cher, well, it’s because she’s missing. The storyline focuses on what happened after Cher mysteriously disappeared and the most popular girl in school title is passed on to Dionne. It will show Dionne’s experiences as she navigates through dealing with the pressure of being Queen Bee while mystery unravels.

So far, the project is in early writing stages and no network has been attached. But according to Entertainment Tonight, it has already sparked interest among potential bidders.

As for how it will fair amongst audiences, especially the so-called “purists,” only time will tell. The reboot will either be a massive flop or a surprising success.

Ben Hornery
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