Every key feature missing from the Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 is the successor to the mobile device company’s Note 9 of 2018. The smartphone itself is packed with all new and up-to-date features considering that the Galaxy Note series has been around for eight years. While the device is easily one of Samsung’s best phones to date, it’s still missing a number of key features. These are either features that most techies were expecting from rumors or specs that are present in previous models and dropped from this particular one.

Where did the headphone jack go?

This one isn’t new. Aside from circulating in the rumor mill, multiple tech outlets have also confirmed that the Note 10 will not have a headphone jack prior to its release. Smartphone brands started doing without an audio port since 2016 when Lenovo and Apple removed it from their latest phone models. This time, Samsung has followed suit. Users will have to settle for wireless headphones or either attach a dongle to be able to use wired headphones. And nope, a dongle isn’t included in the Note 10 package.

No second front-facing camera

While this feature is present in the Galaxy S10 Plus and S10 5G, it’s missing from the Note 10. Techies were anticipating one for wide-angle photo capture or depth-sensing purposes. As reported by CNET, Samsung pulled back on the feature to make Note 10 less expensive than its predecessor to make it more accessible to the market.

No facial recognition unlock

Since the Note 10 doesn’t have a second selfie cam, it’s not built to carry out facial scanning for security purposes. An example of smartphones that do is the iPhone XS (Face ID) and LG G8 (time-of-flight camera). Samsung has opted to go for an in-screen fingerprint scanner.

No built-in camera in the S Pen

As reported by CNET, this one seems pretty far fetched. However, rumors of this feature surfaced after Samsung reportedly filed a patent for the technology to make this happen.
The filed patent described an “electric pen device” which “includes an optical system including a lens and an image sensor.” We instead got “Air Gestures” so you can make commands just by waving your S Pen.

Christian Woods
Christian Woods
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