Dwayne Johnson posts behind-the-scenes pic of ‘Jungle Cruise’

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has confirmed that shooting for Disney’s Jungle Cruise has wrapped.

The wrestler-turned-actor posted a photo on Instagram three days ago. In the photo, the actor and his co-star, Emily Blunt is seen apparently exchanging lines on cam. The two donned costumes apt for the film.

In the photo, he wrote flattering words for his co-star saying “If Emily Blunt’s looks could kill 😈” The actor continued on to say about her: “And finally, a heartfelt MAHALO to my one and only co-star, Emily Blunt.”

The actor even gave a way just a few plot points about what the film is going to be about as he continued to write “ You play the female version of INDIANA JONES brilliantly with relentless ambition to find the one, elusive magical 💫 thing that could change humanity for the better – forever. Unfortunately, for you there’s no other skipper that knows the Amazon River like I do and all I care about is my money, my liquor and my cat.
Good luck lady in trying to change the world ~ and not falling for my charm.”

The Rock expressed his gratitude to the cast and crew for the film on the post’s caption. He wrote “To our hard working and brilliant crew and filmmakers – THANK YOU for your commitment and talent in making something great for our audience,”

“THANK YOU to our partner & leader of global family entertainment, the WALT DISNEY CO for the trust you’ve placed in our hands for our beloved, timeless, iconic Disney park ride known as JUNGLE CRUISE. “ the actor added.

Jungle Cruise is set to premiere on October 11th of this year.


Laura Ebeling
Laura Ebeling
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