Check out these must-see movies for June 2019

June 2019 is set to be an exciting month for film buffs. Some of Hollywood’s best blockbusters will be premiering and there’s always a movie for every type of audience. From animated classics, action-packed superhero flicks to exciting reboots, you’re sure to find something to enjoy. Keep this list in mind because here are the movies that you just can’t miss for the month of June.

Dark Phoenix | June 9

Sophie Turner is back and bigger than ever as X-Men’s Jean Grey in this new superhero (or antihero) flick. The newest installment in the X-Men franchise follows Jean’s transformation into the Dark Phoenix.


The Secret Life of Pets 2 | June 9

Ask and you shall receive. Fans of the animated film are finally getting a sequel to the first Secret Life of Pets movie. After three years in the making, the sequel continues the story of Max and his friends.


Late Night | June 9


Get ready to laugh out loud in this brand new comedy starring Emma Thompson and Mindy Kaling. It follows the story of a talk show host facing the cancellation of her program. To save the show, new writer Molly (Kaling) enters to shake things up in the all-male writer’s room.


Men in Black: International | June 14

Men in Black is getting a refreshing reboot, this time starring Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth. The agency continues to protect the earth from intergalactic scum. In the new adventure, the duo cracks down their biggest global threat: an enemy within their ranks.


Toy Story 4 | June 14


Woody, Buzz Lightyear and the gang are back. The movie follows Woody as he goes on an adventure to find Bonnie’s new toy Forky. The two end up getting lost in the journey. Will they be able to find their way back or will they end up in the land of lost toys?


Child’s Play | June 21


Chuckie is making a big comeback in the new Child’s Play reboot. In the film, an innocent and inanimate Buddi doll starts to take on a life of its own. It goes into a bloody rampage wreaking havoc in his owner Andy Barclay’s neighborhood.


Yesterday | June 28

In this epic movie, we’ll see a world without the iconic British boy band, The Beatles. Only Jack remembers the band and their iconic tunes. The story follows Jack as he uses songs from the band to become everyone’s favorite musician.

Samantha Rigby
Samantha Rigby
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