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Department stores have always been appealing due to the convenience of being able to shop for a large number of different items in one place. With Dshop, this is even more convenient since it’s 100% online, allowing you to have the item of your choice shipped directly to you.

The bonus is that the products on this website are discounted and offer some of the cheapest and most convenient ways to get your hands on a variety of great products from many different categories. Many of the Dshop reviews cite the large range of products on offer for fast delivery all around Australia.

There is a wide range of great products on offer from a variety of popular categories including furniture, sports & fitness, travel & outdoor, and baby & kids, to name a few. The design of the website has user experience in mind, making it easy to browse these different categories and see at a glance what products are on offer and how much they cost.

The range of products on offer is truly expansive, with everything from comfortable mattresses to sewing kits, workout equipment and even board games. Pretty much anything you can find in a brick and mortar department store, you can find on Dshop, all at a highly discounted price.

Many of the Dshop reviews talk about the large savings on offer, with many things over 50% of their recommended retail price (some products are even 90% off). For those who want to be budget-savvy and find their next bargain, this is one of the best places you can visit online.

How do they get such low prices? They do this through the fantastic relationships they have formed with the manufacturers they supply directly from. Even if you can’t afford to pay upfront, there are more flexible ways to pay, such as ZipPay and AfterPay.

A common thread in the Dshop reviews you can find online is that they appreciate that the company is 100% Australian owned and operated. This gives customers peace of mind they are buying within Australia and that their money goes to help the local economy.

Dshop reviews also talk about the quick delivery that reaches them wherever they are in Australia. All of the orders leave their warehouse within 2 days of being placed, and it’s easy for customers to track their order, and they also make it easy to have flexible delivery instructions as well.

At Dshop, the recognise that shopping online comes with some inherent dangers vs doing it in a physical store with cash. This is why they have worked hard to ensure a secure online shopping experience, with a full and valid SSL certificate on the website.

To help give you a snapshot of the experience you can have, we have collected some of the top Dshop reviews below so you can see what some people are saying.

Below are selected reviews of Dshop:


The categories offered on the website make it easy to navigate to what you’re looking for and it was easy to track the order.

Both the range of products and the pricing is competitive.

I assembled the Cat Scratching Post Pole Tower with Hammock in 15 minutes which is amazing for me.

The material is strong and of good quality.

We won’t need a Christmas tree this year!


Ordered a wooden dining table which came about 3 days later, happy with the shipping time and quality of the table.


Bought a case for my computer which arrived within the week and it fit perfectly for my desktop. Will buy from these guys again.


Got a fitness setup and pullup bar. My order came within the week and took a little fiddling but the setting up was relatively fine. Overall happy with buying from Dshop.

John J.

I had to buy a new set of tools for my garage to use on my car, ordered it online and it arrived pretty quickly. Tools are in new condition and work well.

Hannah K.

Needed a new mattress soon so I ordered one from DShop and it arrived at the end of the week, the quality was good and it looks great in my new bedroom. Will be ordering from here again!


Our old carpet was starting to smell and we needed to replace it. I went on to Dshop and found a design we liked and ordered it. Didn’t take long before we got it and put it down – looks good. Will be buying from them again fairly soon for a new computer desk for my son.


I love my new couch, its design fits so well with my interior décor. Ordered it from DShop a couple of days ago and it shipped quickly. After setting it up, I am proud of my design! I can recommend DShop.


I wanted a bird cage and I got one through DShop and it came to my door pretty quick, and while the instructions were a little hard to follow, aren’t they always? The quality of the cage was fine, I’d recommend them.


I decided to spice my room up a bit and order some fairy lights and a tapestry, it looks great and came within a fairly quick time period, good stuff.


The bicycle I bought was needed soon, and it came in a reasonable time (which is fast for me). Works well and as it should, might order more parts here too.

Clayton Lee

The stuff I’ve ordered here is great, would order from them again. Cheers to DShop.

Katy S.

Got a BBQ from here, setup was easy and it works like a charm. Family is very happy we are having BBQs again as our last one broke.


Ordered a family swimming pool in preparation for spring, filled it up to test it out. Works great and I’m sure the fam will be over the moon about it come sunnier days. Will likely order some more stuff from Dshop in the future.

Peter F.

I bought a new electric hair buzzer from Dshop. The product turned out well and it was nice to be able to track the shipment.

Margaret S.

Bought a playpen for my kittens and it was fine to setup, my fur babies love it!!!! Going to order more stuff as it’s cheaper than what I found in other shops.


Ordered an electronic dog fence and I’m surprised it works so well! My dogs won’t go past a certain boundary I set up. This wasn’t too urgent but the item came to me in good time which I was happy with.

Monty L.

Have ordered many items from this shop, they come quickly and can’t go wrong. They have many different things available too, very easy in a quick fix.


DShop has been my new favourite place to shop for items I would otherwise have to go to the shopping centre for, and the items are mostly cheaper to. Will be buying many more from here.


DShop has been great to me, and has always arrived pretty soon after ordering and most things were easy to setup when required. I recommend it to my friends.


I am fairly happy with DShop as they ship my orders soon after I order them and the quality has been excellent. Well worth what you are paying for.

June Bug

Ordered quite a few different items from all over the place on their site, the items shipped together and arrived in a good time – will be buying from this site again.

Cool C

Bought some pillows, they look good on my bed. Affordable prices and you get what you pay for, pretty good quality. Shipping was fine, had them on my bed soon enough.


I bought a huge kite for my daughter and it flew well in the wind, was very fun to use and I bought it on a whim so it arrived fast. Lots of fun!

Nolan G.

They have just about everything on this site that you could ever need. No need to shop anywhere in person, can just buy it from here. Huge line of products, seriously.


Ordered board games for the family. The order arrived quickly and we enjoyed some good sessions of gaming. I’d use Dshop again.

Caleb H.

Have ordered almost of a full gym’s worth of fitness gear from DShop and they have consistently delivered. Much cheaper than buying from another site.

Marianne Y.

I have been buying from DShop for some time now, and their quality remains consistently top notch. I enjoy buying from their store and will continue to do so.

Ariel GY

Great line of products available and easy to navigate through their site. Helpful, fast and affordable.


Dshop is where I’ve gotten most of my home fitness gear and was happy with the discounts. It simply makes more sense to use Dshop than go to a store for the same thing that’s more expensive. Recommended!

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