Drake and Kylie Jenner dating rumors got more complicated

A lot of fans thought that Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott was getting back together until it was revealed that Kylie and Drake had their eyes on each other for a while now, with their relationship currently in the Facebook ‘it’s complicated’ status.

This seemingly complicated turn of events came into light when it was disclosed that Drake had no intentions of being a father figure to Jenner’s daughter Stormi.

Ever since Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott broke up, rumors have circulated regarding her relationship with Drake. The two were seen flirting at the rapper’s birthday party and spent Halloween together, getting people to speculate that the two have hooked up romantically.

Us Magazine reported that there has been always a spark between the two. A source said that Drake always had a thing for Jenner and it seems like the feeling is mutual. The source added that the two have been hanging out more recently and that Jenner is technically not in a relationship.

Even though having had personal chemistry between them, the insider also said that their current relationship is complicated despite the two of them being single. The source explained that Drake does not want to risk his relationship with Kylie by potentially crossing the line with the reality television star turned entrepreneur. Another reason is Jenner’s daughter with Travis Scott, Stormi. The insider stated that Drake does not want to take a father figure when it comes to Kylie’s daughter.

The rapper just wants to have a good time with Kylie, no strings attached supporting their seemingly strong friendship that the two share.

Kylie had also been rumored to be hanging out with Drake to make Scott jealous though the claims have been cleared out with Jenner’s representatives stating that the rumors were false. Drake and Scott’s representatives, however, had not commented on the matter. It was also reported that Scott and Jenner are still trying to resolve things between them especially when it comes to their daughter Stormi.

It was also reported that Jenner has agreed to go to Houston with her daughter to spend quality time with Scott’s family, showing that things are seemingly amicable between the two.

Alain Ang
Alain Ang
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