Discover everything New Zealand has to offer with Social Nature Movement

Social Nature Movement are an innovative organisation bringing a new approach to outdoor adventure experiences. Nature can provide many highly unique learning experiences for both individuals and teams. Social Nature Movement hope to capture this and provide unforgettable journeys for all kinds of different groups, building their bonds and allowing them to truly appreciate the beautiful landscapes of New Zealand.

The bonds that you can create as a group through being challenged to navigate natural landscapes are a unique way to develop team building skills. With your choice of land-based, water-based or snow-based adventures, you can explore the perfect setting to bond with your group. Social Nature Movement are known for their huge successes in running corporate group sessions, school sessions, or general tourist sessions. There is also the choice of a mystery tour in which the team will customise a surprise experience for you. This vast range of available experiences means that you can explore the places that you have always wanted to, or even find your new favourite natural landscape.

Whether you are interested in exploring the North or South Island, Social Nature Movement have a number of locations across New Zealand that they can provide unforgettable experiences for. From Auckland to Otago and everything in between, there is no shortage of amazing sites to see. They will organise your itinerary and provide you with accommodation and gear if needed. This allows you to fully immerse yourself in nature without having to worry about the little details. All the gear you need is available for hire at their store. Accommodation such as glamping can be provided for corporate groups, private events, and more.

A weekend away can be enhanced exponentially by booking a tour with Social Nature Movement. Some of their most popular experiences include moonlight tours of the High Country Mackenzie Basin, penguin adventures in the Catlins, dazzling sunrises at Golden Bay and much much more. No matter how you like to experience the wonders of nature, Social Nature Movement can provide an unmatched experience that enhances the beauty of New Zealand even further.

With Social Nature Movement, the journey is just as important as the location. An outdoor adventure experience can strengthen bonds like nothing else. This innovative approach to team building is part of what has made the organisation so popular. There is an extensive range of affordable packages for any team and Social Nature Movement can even train people to be guides in their own right. They provide a holistic experience for the wonders of nature.

Social Nature Movement believe in the ability that the pairing of nature and human connection has to transform our lives. As a proud member of the Tourism Industry Association, they continue to develop new and exciting ways for people to explore the beautiful country of New Zealand. The team are passionate about what they do and hope to share that passion with each and every one of the groups that they guide.

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