Crazy In Love: Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson breakup rumors a farce

Despite the recent rumors, sources close to Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson said that the couple is still very much together.

It was reported this Monday that the couple is taking a break from their hot and heavy relationship which is insane given that the pair have only been dating for well over a month. But the gossip at this point doesn’t really matter as the two are still legitimately an item even if gossip columns yesterday has reported that the couple have called it quits and will be joining Cyrus’ list of exes.

Multiple outlets reported today like E! News however that the initial reports were false information and that Cyrus and Simpson are still going strong and might even be at that stage of their relationship by taking the next step in their relationship when Cyrus was admitted to the hospital for her throat surgery and her boyfriend played nurse to keep her company as she recovered from the treatment every step of the way where she’s spending her time at the moment in her home in Tennessee where she’s posting video clips on social media having fun with her family especially her mother and sister. She also spends a lot of happy alone time with her record player with Simpson in tow.

Sources close to the singer reported that Simpson came to visit Cyrus in her home and they said that he had recently visited her last week in Tennessee and are fine and are still dating. She is still on the mend due to her surgery but has kept in constant touch with her boyfriend and has been seeing him as much as possible.

Even though things are seemingly heating up for the young couple Cyrus is trying to be open and honest regarding her expectations for their relationship. Sources close to Miley have stated that the singer made it clear to Simpson that she likes to have the freedom and he has always understood the dynamic of their relationship. They stated that they have been friends for years before they started seeing each other and will remain friends through their romance and are fine and in amazing terms.

It seems like freedom has been the constant for Cyrus’ relationship with having the liberty she wants or needs to do her thing which happened to be the huge issue in her relationship with ex-husband Liam Hemsworth. Multiple sources have said that the former couple wasn’t able to successfully find a middle ground and compromise to make their marriage work.

So, for now, fans should be able to relax as the couple is going strong and seemingly crazy for one another. There is no word yet if they will be spending Thanksgiving together but if you are a betting person you’d want to go with a yes to that.

Alain Ang
Alain Ang
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