The Duchess Strikes Back: Meghan Markle files lawsuit against tabloids

Meghan Markle has started to fight back against several tabloid publications regarding rumors about her baby shower that took place in New York City and more.

Some of the rumors that were being addressed are her relationship with her father, her newly renovated home in Windsor among others that based on the new court documents filed by her legal team. The legal documents detail the finer points of Markle’s lawsuit against the publisher associated newspapers printing false stories in an attempt to paint her in a negative light.

Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday which are owned by DMG Media who have reported about the house renovations of Frogmore Cottage by Markle and Prince Harry where they have invested a lot of time, money, and energy to turn the cottage into a beautiful family home, which while the renovations had truly included landscaping, constructing a green energy center, and a custom kitchen, the legal documents extrapolated that the home does not include an alleged $650,000 worth of aircraft sound-proofing, a $6,500 copper bathtub, and other luxurious home features that were published.

In addition to debunking The Mail’s claims regarding Frogmore Cottage, Markle’s legal team focused on the decision of the publications to release excerpts from a personal letter written by Markle herself to her father, Thomas Markle.

The legal report also claimed that the Duchess’s letter was printed without her consent and was edited in such a way that would paint Markle’s relationship with her father in a much more negative light. The legal documents also stated that the original parts of Markle’s letter which amounted to almost half of the letter was omitted by the report. The parts that were suppressed showed the Duchess’s care and affection for her father as well as her worry about how British tabloids exploiting her relationship with her father.

The draft goes on to disprove claims that Markle did not inquire about her father’s health or has attempted to help him financially, instead, the letter stated that she has had a long history of looking after her father’s well-being while trying to find solutions for any health issues that may arise.

There were also alleged statements that Markle did not include her mother, Doria Ragland in her baby shower last April in New York. The court papers described the suggestion as ‘untrue and offensive’ to the Duchess. The court papers also explained that the baby shower which actually cost a small portion of the $300,000 that was falsely stated in the article was hosted and organized by one of Markle’s best friends from her time in university. All the fifteen guests who attended the baby shower are very close friends that included long-term friendships, some of which being over two decades and of course, it included Markle’s mother who was unable to attend due to work. The legal documents also explained that it was falsely offensive to state that her baby shower guests were taken from a totally new circle of celebrity friends.

In response to Markle and her team’s legal actions, The Mail on Sunday announced its plans to fight the lawsuit with urgency. A spokesperson for the publication has told BBC that there was nothing in the legal document that changes their position on the matter. Meanwhile, Prince Harry will also seek legal action against News U.K. and MGN in regards to the illegal interception of voicemails and messages.

Alain Ang
Alain Ang
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