Consider these five things while designing any lap pool

Besides the usual design decisions and selecting certain equipment, you may consider few other key factors for successful completion of lap pool.

Following are few things to consider while designing our own lap pool.

Pool dimensions

Though there is no specified length of lap pool but it is important aspect to consider in order to be practical on the property and try to get good swim without doing too many turns.

Standard lengths for any domestic lap pools can be 12.5m, 15m or 20m and 25m. One great advantage of having concrete pools will be that they will be constructed to the size that may suit your needs.

Many of our clients have built lap pools of 8m long, but they are not practical for swimming laps but apt for just looks or general play.

As far as width is concerned, good comparison will be that lap lanes in most of the commercial swim centres will be 2.5m wide so that two people can do lap swimming.

Some of them we built were from 1.5m – 4m wide. Common size is usually 2m to 2.5m.

In regards to pool depth, consider whether you have to dive in and if so, then it should be about 2.0m deep.


Decide when you are planning to swim in your pool, whether in the mornings or afternoons or all throughout the year, you need to know about different ways you can heat your pool.

If you prefer to do swim laps every noon in summer and at temperature around 25 degrees, then solar heating can be perfect for you.

In case you prefer to swim whole year round, or during early mornings, then perhaps you may consider some other kind of heating like gas or heat pump. You can take suggestions from your builder who too can help you to choose.

Pool cover

In case, your pool will be heated throughout the year then you must maintain necessary heat in pool to conserve the cost of energy. You can do this in a number of ways.

Build the pool for year-round facility within indoors which is a great option, but it is also expensive and will not let you to enjoy outdoors during summer.

Using number of polycarbonate domes can be best option. Another method can be to install outdoor cover. This is just a thermal blanket placed on the roller or any fully automated Swim-roll which will retract under the pool.


For exercise, lap pools can be great, however just check whether they will fulfill all of family’s needs or not.  It may be great to have an offset area meant for general play, spas or swim outs and water features for satisfying everyone.


In case, pools will be used for swimming laps, then the last thing that you need are few internal steps. So, consider any offset steps or any niche wall steps having a grab tail of stainless steel.

Self-cleaning swimming pools

Your swimming pool should be in a place where you can just relax and not work. However, if you do not clean it then how can you maintain it?

By having the option of in-floor cleaning system, you can certainly reduce your labour time and increase fun time. In addition to that, there are few additional benefits available e.g. long-term saving of cost.

Now the question is what is such in-floor or self-cleaning pool system and how it really works?

Consider these five things while designing any lap pool
Photo: Juan, Pexels.

Comparison between robot and in-floor cleaning system

There is one out of the box concept of a “pool robot” which is one-size-fits all type of device which can clean your pool.

Whereas an in-floor type of cleaning system can be a customized option which is built into the walls and floor of pool solution particularly made for cleaning your pool.

In-floor systems will not require any work on your part. Robotic device will need you to set up, lug it poolside, put it in your pool and when the cleaning cycle is completed, you need to take it out to store it away till you need it the next time.

The device will typically run for 2 to 3 hours, but in-floor cleaning system will start and keep working immediately once it is installed. It is always working whether you are really using the pool or not.

How self-cleaning system works?

Operating system of water circulation system is so designed that it will completely reduce usage of chemicals, and due to this reason, it will eliminate all those cold spots and any kind of debris without your spending hours near the pool by holding your hand vacuum cleaning machine.

How this system is different from any regular system?

This system is different from other systems, which will circulate all the water from its bottom to top. This means, the water level will be circulated, and as a result the water will be totally free of any cold spot.

Due to this, you will not only enjoy your swimming, but it will also reduce the possibility of growth of bacteria or algae. This also changes your chemical use and as a result, it will be a cost-effective as well as healthier place for swimming.

Will it really make comparison with robotic cleaners?

Many people often ask whether their old robotic type of swimming pool cleaner can do similar thing as this kind of system.

Let us put it this way, any robotic type of swimming pool cleaner may keep the water clean but self-cleaning system can keep all your water clean even while removing the debris.

Due to the constant circulation, this is possible which in turn will keep the water healthier as compared to swimming pools which have regular type of cleaning systems.

This system can save your energy costs

If you compare any other type of swimming systems available in the market, this system offers its users much more savings on the running cost.

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