Colbie Smulders adresses her Stumptown character’s bisexuality

ABC’s Stumptown is the television adaptation of Greg Rucka’s graphic novel of the same name. The series stars Colbie Smulders as veteran woman Dex Parios who lives her life suffering through PTSD.

Stumptown highlights female veterans and indigenous women. During a panel at the San Diego Comic-Con, Smulders gives us more details about her intriguing character. “She’s not a superhero,” Smulders said of Dex. “She’s not really highly skilled. She’s a scrapper and the fight scenes will be very dirty and very realistic.”

“We all have PTSD in our lives — at different levels,” said Smulders who believe that Dex’s story is something that viewers can relate to. The veteran served in Afghanistan and represents the little-explored lives of veteran women suffering from PTSD.

Regarding Dex’s sexuality, Smulders said that it will be addressed in the series. However, the actress did confirm that her character is bisexual. This makes Dex one of the most progressive female characters on television right now.

“She’s definitely attracted to women and men. She tries to recover through her PTSD through sex. She’s up for anything — it’s one of the things that drew me to this character.”

“I really believe Dex is incapable of a relationship… she’s more about who’s available,” quipped Smulders.

Among the show’s cast is Canadian actress Tantoo Cardinal. In the series, Cardinal plays Sue Lynn Blackbird, a woman coming from an indigenous background.

“There are so many indigenous women who are powerful and who are leaders,” Cardinal said. “I am honored to bring Sue Lynn Blackbird to you.”

Laura Ebeling
Laura Ebeling
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