Carlos Taveras outlines the importance of mail management services

Carlos Taveras works with Shoplinks USA, which is an online cloud-based mail management provider. Shoplinks’ mission is to provide consumers with convenience and value when it comes to ordering products online. International purchases can be incredibly difficult to manage and maintain, so Shoplinks is at the forefront of developing a streamlined service that improves user convenience and accessibility.

Thankfully, Carlos has answered some questions about Shoplinks.

Carlos, how exactly does Shoplinks work for the conventional user?

It can be a somewhat confusing process to understand for those unaware of international mail management services; however, once you get the hang of it, it’s very simple!

Firstly, users set up their US-based address (there is no financial obligation during this step). Then, users can start shopping with freedom and check out all their favourite retailers. Once they have found a product they are interested in, they simply have to purchase using the address they entered. After this, the goods will be delivered to one of Shoplinks’ facilities (where we can store them up to 90 days). Consumers simply have to approve the goods, select their local courier and the goods will be delivered as soon as possible. Simple as that.

Who is doing the work behind the scenes?

Shoplinks is built on an online logistics network. In essence, our workforce consists of highly dedicated individuals who often work from home. As shipments are received, our team are devoted to approving orders for the company throughout the USA. This obviously gives our workers a greater sense of flexibility and balance in their lives.

What type of people find this service useful?

Our services can be utilised by a wide range of consumers. Our services work great for those just wanting to purchase international goods with greater ease and accessibility. At the same time, however, people that are consistently making international purchases can greatly benefit from a Shoplinks membership. This may be because they are a part of a business network that sources international goods and acts as an intermediary for domestic users.

How important do you think mail forwarding is to the modern consumer?

Personally, I think mail forwarding services, like those provided by Shoplinks could well become the dominant mode of processing international purchasing. Consumers are constantly on the lookout for greater convenience in their lives and making international purchases is often a process that can be quite problematic and confusing. So, with the help of a mail intermediary like Shoplinks, consumers no longer need to worry about any issues relating to customs or international payments, as there is assistance available.

Given the price competitiveness of your services, do you think there is potential for expansion?

Yes, we are confident in our business model and any future plans for expansion. The fact that consumers can lower their cost of shipping by up to 80% and even keep their purchases in storage for up to 90 days (for no additional cost) are clear advantages. Indeed, when there is potential to save money and time, consumers will always be on the lookout for great deals.

Likewise, because of issues with international shipping, international consumers now have access to major US stores like Amazon, Walmart and Nordstrom. By giving consumers a greater variety of choice and value, there is no doubt they will keep coming back for more.

What do you think makes Shoplinks better than the rest?

One thing that differentiates our company is that we are well equipped in providing ongoing assistance to our customers and clients. Indeed, our friendly shipping experts are always available to clarify any concerns our customers may have with the process, whether it be to do with customs arrangements and other relevant documentation.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes of course we offer refunds. From time to time there may be issues or problems with the delivery and mailing process. Though this is very rare, the wrong product may be delivered to our shipping facility or it may be damaged at some stage before it reaches the consumer. Naturally, if the consumer wants a refund for their purchase, they simply have to request a refund through their online account. Payment will be deposited through the account where the original payment came from, or alternatively, a PayPal account.

Are custom taxes and duty still payable?

Yes, customs and duty taxes are still payable. It is important that you convene with your local customs office to discern which taxes and costs are applicable to your purchase. Unfortunately, given the complexity of the different laws across state boundaries, we are not responsible for any of these costs. It is also really important to remember that these laws can change from time to time, so be proactive and contact your local customs office for more information.

Christian Woods
Christian Woods
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