Cardi B gifts Offset half a million dollars for his 28th birthday

Cardi B couldn’t decide what to get her husband Offset for his 28th birthday. And being as extra as she is, the rapper settled on surprising him with $500,000 in cold hard cash.

You read that right! The jaw-dropping half a million dollars is the little something that Offset got from his wife for his special day. Imagine getting all that money just for turning 28 years old. It’s enough to give anyone a literal heart attack.

We know it’s hard to imagine but you better believe it. Cardi made sure to document her surprise in a video she posted on Instagram. In the video, she explained the reason behind the present saying “So, you know everyone’s saying you got every car, you got every jewelry, shit, you got everything. You got every shoe. What else can I give someone that got everything?”

Cardi is then heard saying “the fridge,” before someone opens it up. Inside the fridge are stacks of hundred dollar bills that left Offset in a bit of a daze. It seems that no one loves money as much as rich people do. Forget about transferring it to a bank account, just have it cashed right then and there.

The Bodak Yellow rapper then says “That’s $500,00. $500,000.” To which Offset responds, “You don’t have to give me this money!” But Cardi disregards him saying, “I know I don’t have to give you the money, but I don’t know what to give you, so I suppose I gotta give you somethin’.”

Check out Offset’s crazy celebration in his birthday video below:

Laura Ebeling
Laura Ebeling
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