Building on acreage and embracing a tree change: finding bliss in regional living

In pursuit of a more fulfilling and harmonious lifestyle, many individuals and families are opting to build their homes on acreage in regional areas. This shift towards embracing a tree change offers a range of benefits, from larger properties and natural surroundings to a slower pace of life and a stronger connection with the environment.

From the allure of open spaces to the practical considerations of rural living, there are many reasons why more people seek acreage living as a path to tranquillity and fulfilment.

Metricon, Australia’s leading home builder, calls it the “acreage living dream”. The company is finding more and more of their customers seeking guidance on achieving the acreage dream and where the best places are to do so.

The appeal of acreage living

Living on acreage offers many advantages, making it an enticing choice for those seeking a change from the hustle and bustle of city life. One of the primary attractions is the abundance of open space and the opportunity to create a personalised oasis.

With ample land at their disposal, homeowners can build spacious homes, establish beautiful gardens, and even indulge in hobbies such as gardening or farming. Acreage homes are much more likely to have expansive floor plans and to be situated on much bigger blocks.

Creek to Coast presenter Liz Cantor recently hosted Metricon’s home-building experts and guests to deliver a webinar all about the acreage dream:

“In general, we’re talking about living on a larger piece of land than your average suburban block,” Liz advises. “A lovely country property, think clean air, quiet, more space and a sense of tranquillity that comes with living a more regional lifestyle.”

Acreage living also allows for privacy and seclusion, providing a retreat from the pressures of urban living and enabling residents to unwind in a tranquil environment.

The benefits of regional living

Embracing a tree change and moving to a regional area offers a host of benefits that significantly enhance one’s quality of life. One of the key advantages is the chance to immerse oneself in nature.

Picturesque landscapes, lush greenery, and abundant wildlife often characterise regional areas. This natural beauty provides opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, or simply enjoying peaceful walks in serene surroundings.

Regional living offers a stronger sense of community, where neighbours are more likely to know and support one another. This fosters a deeper sense of belonging and creates opportunities for meaningful connections.

Metricon’s Regional West manager Simon Taylor can testify to this from his personal experience. Taylor had long discussed the benefits of regional living and the opportunities offered to those seeking to buy and build property in these areas, but he’d yet to take the plunge himself.

Seeing the growth of his coastal home corridor, Armstrong Creek, prompted him to consider taking his advice and begin reaping the benefits for himself of living in these unique but growing areas.

“Armstrong Creek is a real growth area,” says Simon. “There is a lot of excellent infrastructure – including a new supermarket and a new school – and there is great access to Melbourne via the Ring Road, as well as to the Surf Coast, the beaches and Geelong, too. But the best part is that it still has a sense of community – there’s not the same hustle and bustle you get in the city.”

Practical considerations and challenges

While acreage living and a tree change offer many benefits, it is essential to consider the practical aspects and challenges of such a lifestyle. One of the primary considerations is access to amenities and services.

Regional areas may have limited access to healthcare facilities, schools, and shopping centres. It is crucial to assess the proximity of these essential services and ensure that they meet the needs of the residents. Additionally, rural living often requires a longer commute to work or other urban areas, so individuals must evaluate their commuting options and plan accordingly.

Another challenge is maintaining the acreage and managing the land effectively. Depending on the size of the property, there may be a need for additional equipment, such as tractors or lawnmowers, to maintain the land adequately.

Additionally, rural properties may require specialised infrastructure for water, electricity, and waste management. Understanding and planning for these additional responsibilities and associated costs is vital.

Designing your dream acreage home

Building a home on acreage provides an opportunity to design a dwelling that perfectly suits one’s lifestyle and preferences. With a larger land area, homeowners can create spacious floor plans incorporating elements such as multiple living areas, home offices, or a guest wing.

This includes incorporating more innovative sustainable design principles, an increasing priority for homeowners and builders.

Sustainable home design principles focus on creating residences that minimise environmental impact while maximising energy efficiency and resource conservation. Fundamental principles include incorporating passive solar design to optimise natural lighting and heat, using renewable energy sources like solar panels, implementing proper insulation and ventilation for energy efficiency, utilising water-saving fixtures and rainwater harvesting systems, integrating recycled and eco-friendly materials, and designing for longevity and adaptability to reduce waste and promote longevity.

By embracing these principles, sustainable homes aim to minimise their carbon footprint and contribute to a healthier and more environmentally conscious future.

Discover your acreage living dream

Acreage living offers a multitude of benefits that make it a compelling choice for those seeking a unique and fulfilling lifestyle. The freedom to create a personal sanctuary amidst sprawling natural landscapes is unparalleled.

Acreage living promotes a deep connection with nature, allowing residents to embrace tranquillity and escape the chaos of urban life. The abundance of space provides endless possibilities for outdoor activities, from gardening and farming to hiking and stargazing.

Additionally, acreage living fosters a strong sense of community, where neighbours support and connect with each other in meaningful ways. It offers a respite from the fast-paced urban lifestyle, enabling individuals to prioritize their well-being and mental health.

By considering acreage living, one opens the door to a life enriched with nature, freedom, and a sense of belonging to the spaces we get to call home.

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