‘Big Little Lies’ and ‘Euphoria’ rake in record-breaking ratings for HBO

HBO is at the forefront of television with its biggest shows at the moment.

Big Little Lies and Euphoria both hit record-breaking heights for the cable network in their July 7 airings. The multiple Emmy-winning drama starring and executive produced by Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon released its fifth episode from Season 2. Newcomer Euphoria starring Zendaya had only aired its fourth episode.

The custody battle-vexed “Kill Me” episode snared 1.8 million viewers in its 9 PM airing on HBO, which was the best Big Little Lies has ever done in the original linear broadcast. With yet another piercing performance from Season 2 addition and 2020 Emmy contender Meryl Streep, BLL actually rose 10% in sets of eyeballs from its June 30 show.

The Big Little Lies episode “Kill Me” raked in a whopping 1.8 million viewers, the best the series has ever done since its initial airing. The show saw a 10% increase in viewership with a more than effective performance from 2020 Emmy nominated Meryl Streep.

HBO newcomer Euphoria drew in 609,000 viewers in its 10 PM airing for the episode “Shook One, Pt. II”. Despite the wave of controversy surrounding the Sam Levinson-helmed show, it is expected to be one of HBO’s hits. And the press, whether negative or positive, seems to be beneficial for the show with its 24% increase in ratings.

Both shows are expected to rake in more with delayed online viewing data coming in. Digital audiences are set to give a significant impact in this time’s viewing patterns. Ones online viewership date is in, we can then see how well the overall ratings are for these two series.

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