Beyonce opens up about her life in Elle Magazine interview

In a chill but personal interview with Elle Magazine, Queen B opened up about her life from her success to her struggles.

The international phenom opened up about her past nomination losses, some of the uncomfortable interviews she’s had, and became really personal when she shared about her miscarriages in the past.

In her interview with Elle Magazine, she was asked if she was disappointed when she didn’t win an award from her album, Lemonade and her 2019 concert film, Homecoming.

Beyonce shared that she started to look for a deeper meaning in life when she experienced lessons she thought she did not need to learn. According to her, she has a new perception of what success is and that all the pain that a person experience is a gift. She went on to share that she realized this life lesson after her miscarriages.

The global star added that after experiencing miscarriages, she realized that she needed to be a mother to herself first before she can be a mother to another person. After she gave birth to her child Blue, she had another realization that made her quest for her purpose to become more profound.

She went on to say that her true goal is to create art and create a legacy that will be remembered for a very long time. Beyonce also stated that she was not interested in being number one.

The singing sensation also opened up about her work-life balance which she indicated to be the most difficult and stressful part of her life which a lot of people can empathize with.

She went on to say that she makes sure that she is there for her children, like taking them to school and activities and spending some quality time with her husband while managing her business. Fans often eat up whenever Beyonce or Jay Z talks about their personal lives because they rarely do so, being very private when they are outside the spotlight.

During the interview, Beyonce also revealed the collaboration of her Ivy Park brand and Adidas. The global icon has also been posting photos of the Adidas-Ivy Park collab on Instagram.

The collaboration with Adidas will be the very first time Ivy Park will release footwear, with the collection providing some gender-neutral fashion after Beyonce noting that she was aware that she had a lot of male fans wearing her clothes.

Beyonce shared that she got the inspiration for the collection from what her mother taught her;

Creativity starts with taking a leap of faith” she added that there is no room for fear where a person is headed.

The Ivy Park-Adidas collection integrates Beyonce’s personal style that can branch into everyone’s own unique style and she has revealed that the collection will drop on January 18th.


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Alain Ang
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