Best cocktails to try for every season

Love yourself a good cocktail, no matter the time of year? Yeah, so do we! That is why we have searched high and low (and done A LOT of tasting), to give you the best in Australia. It doesn’t matter the season, we have the perfect cocktail that you should most certainly try.

Best Cocktail for the Australian Summer

Sangria cocktails are a refreshing beverage perfect for summer. Photo: StockSnap, Pixabay.

The best cocktail to try out during summer is the “White Sangria”. Everyone knows the typical sangria, made with lots of fruit and red wine. The fruity flavour is what makes it such a hit in summer, it is one of the go to cocktails to keep you cool and refreshed during the heat wave.

But we think this traditional cocktail is due for a mix up! Swap out the red wine for, yep you guessed it, white wine! This cocktail is perfect for people who don’t like sangria because of the red wine! This cocktail is so amazing because it can be easily made in big batches.

The most important thing to remember is to not skimp on the wine. You will probably be looking at spending up to $20 a bottle. Any cheaper than that and the quality is poor and will result in a not so delicious tasting cocktail.

Have we convinced you to try out this best in Australia cocktail for summer? You can find the recipe here.

Best Cocktail for the Australian Autumn

There is a common theme for apple love in autumn cocktails. Photo: Dabelynn, Pixabay.

It has been decided! The best cocktail for the Australian autumn is called “Apple Bottom”. Whilst on our quest for the best cocktail for autumn, we found that there are a lot of apple themed drinks. But we found this one to be the best.

It is called “Apple Bottom” because you’ll be muddling apples at the bottom of the cocktail! The main ingredient is bourbon. But don’t worry if bourbon isn’t your favourite, because the sweet taste of apple is there to change the flavour up a bit.

Want to try out this fabulous cocktail? Click here to view the recipe.

Best Cocktail for the Australian Winter

Creamy cocktails are ideal for cold winter days. Photo: Roegger, Pixabay.

Cocktails aren’t just designed for the warmer months! There are plenty of cocktails that are completely suitable when the air is cold and crisp. The best cocktail you should try during winter is called the “Brandy Alexander”.

This creamy cocktail is bound to keep you all warm and fuzzy inside. The best thing about this cocktail? It is so easy to make, there aren’t too many ingredients that need to be added.

Winter got you all frozen? Warm yourself up with the best variation of the “Brandy Alexander” recipe we could find.

Best Cocktail for the Australian Spring

Martini cocktail
A twist on the classic martini is a Spring favourite. Photo: Ponce_photography, Pixabay.

Spring is here, this means the days are getting longer and the temperature is starting to heat up. Get yourself pumped for rapidly approaching party season with the “Lavender Lemon Drop” cocktail. This cocktail truly captures the essence of spring and is certainly the best way to break out of the winter rut.

The “Lavender Lemon Drop” is a new take on the standard martini. You may think lavender is an odd taste to include in a cocktail, but just a couple of buds are all it takes to create the softest lavender essence.

Are you ready to spring into action? Make sure you have a look at the recipe here.

So there you have it, best in Australia – the cocktail edition! We know you will fall in love with these cocktails. The best part is you can enjoy these cocktails all year round.

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