10 Best baby shower gift ideas for new mums

Find a gift that shows how much you care.

If you’ve ever been invited to a Baby Shower, you’ll know it’s an amazing and special time to celebrate and show support for a new mum. If your friend or family member is having a baby shower soon, you’ll want to show them the best support possible and let them know that you are there to support and help them.

One of the best parts about going to a baby shower is seeing all the beautiful gifts that the new mum receives. It’s also so wonderful for the new mum to open her gorgeous gifts and know that she is surrounded by people who love and support her.

Here are some ideas of great things you can buy for a baby shower gift:

  1. Baby clothing

Baby clothing is one of the most practical baby items you can purchase. And it is oh, so cute! Try to buy a variety of sizes. Many people only buy newborn sized clothing, but babies quickly grow out of this. Buy a few items in larger sizes like 00 (6 months) and 0 (12 months).

  1. Baby skincare products

Babies need sensitive skincare products. The must haves include baby soap, shampoo, massage oil and nappy rash cream.

Baby and Mumma Gifts make a gorgeous hamper skincare products from Little Innoscents that are designed specially to be used by new mums and new babies.

  1. Nappies:

Nappies are one of the most practical items that you can buy for a new mum. Everyone needs nappies, and you need a lot of them. A nice idea that makes your nappy gift stand out is to write little messages on your nappies. You can write words of encouragement and support on the nappies so when the new parents are changing nappies in the middle of the night, they have something to make them smile and feel loved.

  1. Baby carriers

Babywearing is such a gift! It means that a new mum can continue with her day while also comforting and holding her baby hands free. Baby carriers are perfect for ducking out to the shops, completing tasks around the house, and going for a walk outside. Ask the new mum what type of carrier she would like, or gift her a voucher to a babywearing consultant who can fit one for them.

  1. Nappy Bag

There are so many styles of nappy bags available. My personal favourite is the backpack style. You can make your gift more special and more practical by packing your nappy bag full of everything the new mum will need. Things like nappies, baby clothing, nappy cream, swaddles, and spare sets of everything. This takes the stress away from outings with the baby in the newborn days and while the new mum is still getting used to what she needs.

  1. Pamper items for mum

Babies get so many gifts at baby showers, but don’t forget the new mum as well. After having her baby, she will be navigating life as a new mum, recovering from birth, and also getting to know her new baby. This is all happening while she is the most sleep deprived she has ever felt. Some gorgeous pamper items can really help a new mum to get some much needed self care in. Beautiful items such as bath salts, scented candles, and essential oils make the perfect gift for any new mum. She will appreciate having some gifts just for her amongst all the other gifts that are just for baby.

Baby and Mumma Gifts has a gorgeous new mum pamper hamper full of gorgeous items just for new mums.

  1. Practical supplies for mum

On the same note, there are some practical items that you can give to a new mum. These things can include items to help her with recovery after birth, breastfeeding and sleep. Some ideas include nursing creams, stretch mark oils, nursing pads, essential oils and diffusers. New mothers will love these items that are absolutely essential in the postpartum period.

  1. Vouchers

Vouchers make the perfect gift, as the new parents can go and buy things that they need. Vouchers from local baby stores are a great idea, but there are many more practical vouchers that come in handy for new mothers. The day after a sleepless night and a tiring day of caring for a newborn, a voucher for a meal delivery service is invaluable to a new mother. Check out a list of delivery boxes here. New parents are also off to the pharmacy and supermarket most days. Vouchers to these stores are also incredibly helpful.

  1. Practical support

This is perhaps the most important baby shower gift. What can you do to help the new parents? Can you make some meals that they can put in the freezer? Can you help them set up their nursery? Can you help them shop for baby items? Even better, can you come and take care of the baby after it is born so that the new mother can shower and have some time to herself. Ask the new mum what practical support she needs.

  1. Hampers

I love hampers! Hampers can be filled with beautiful items for babies, new mums or both. Fill your hampers with items that will show the new mum how much you care. Or have a hamper delivered right to the door of the new parents. These are such a lovely idea for after the baby is born, or something for the new parents to store away ready for after the baby comes.

If you’re looking for gorgeous gifts, Baby and Mumma Gifts is a Victorian business that specialises in the most beautiful hampers for new mums and babies. All the hampers are full of Australian items carefully selected just for new mothers. Each hamper is beautifully wrapped and delivered right to the new mum’s door, including next business day delivery within Melbourne.

Rachel Preston Broughton
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Rachel Preston Broughton is a mum of two, and the owner of a gifting business Baby and Mumma Gifts. Rachel loves making beautiful gifts for new mothers and babies. Outside of work, Rachel loves blog writing, spending time with her two beautiful children, and reading a good chick lit book.
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