Bec Cuthbertson explains how cosmetic facial injections work

Bec Cuthbertson is the Registered Nurse who runs Injectable Effects, a cosmetic injections clinic on the Gold Coast. She provides a range of injectable services, including anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, chin fat dissolving and skin therapy.

What is the mission statement of Injectable Effects?

To provide professional and personalised care using the latest techniques to improve appearance and enhance confidence for each client.

How did the business start out?

After working at several popular Cosmetic Clinics on the Gold Coast over the past 14 years I have never been in control of how long I have with clients. The industry is fast paced, and I wanted to slow things right down.

That way I could focus on ensuring every client is treated with the utmost of care and there is no pressure of rushing them out the door for the next one. The only way I could truly control this was to own the business myself, hence “Injectable Effects” was born.

What makes your business unique?

We offer the whole package: Generous appointment times, affordable prices, free consultations, payment plans, experienced injectors, personal service, we listen and care!

I believe we go above and beyond to ensure every client that comes in our door, feels like they are part of our family. We understand that referrals are the backbone of our business and we want all our clients leaving with a bigger smile than when they came in.

What do you love most about your job?

How, even a small transformation, can have such a big impact on people’s confidence. I love seeing people enjoy looking at themselves after freshening up with injectables. They look better, feel better and project more confidence into the world.

I love that clients want to come in and have treatments done, and are generally active and healthy. It’s refreshingly different from the traditional hospital nursing.

I love having my own business so I can choose how long I need with each client and be able to give everyone the individual care and treatment they deserve.

What are the latest trends in non-surgical cosmetic treatments/injectables?

Trends in the anti-aging and cosmetic world are constantly changing, but the general trend of not wanting to age gracefully is only getting stronger, making this industry dynamic, popular and always advancing!

Non-surgical chin augmentations and jawline defining is the latest craze to hit the injectable world.

Millennials want gorgeous skin like their iPhone filter selfies, making skin treatments a priority in the beauty and anti-aging world.

Thank you Bec for sharing your thoughts!
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