Bachelor in Paradise: Who will propose?

The first season of Bachelor in Paradise Australia is, sadly, coming to an end this week with the final two episodes aired over tonight and tomorrow.

But there is still much to be decided between the couples who remain on the island as they determine what their relationships mean and whether they will be able to continue it on the outside.

The last episode saw many of the favourites leave in a hurry as they either had their fate made for them or decided that there was no possibility of love for them in Paradise. Florence, American Jared and Elora all left upset that they were unable to find someone to spend the rest of their lives with.

Following an emotional rose ceremony, Apollo and Simone engaged in an intense conversation about the future of their relationship. It appeared that the pressure and intensity of the Paradise environment had gotten tot eh both of them as they broke down in tears.

However, it wasn’t all sad as the two decided to leave Paradise and continue their relationship in a more “real” environment with Apollo saying, “I have to follow that spark.”

Rachel and Thomas also called it quits despite their loved-up date only a few nights ago. Following Osher’s entrance to inform the contestants that they must decide whether or not they would be able to ‘make it on the outside’ Rachel and Thomas sat down for a chat and it was Thomas who had to break Rachel’s heart.

“I don’t think we have progressed (since the date)…I’m sorry” before he attempted to improve the moment by finishing with “I’m really glad I met you”.

The mass exodus of Bachelor in Paradise contestants means that there are only four couples left in Paradise as they look to find a deeper connection before starting their lives together on the outside.

These four loved-up couples appear to have found the one in Paradise and have one final opportunity to see if they are right for each other. The big question is, who is going to propose?

Grant and Ali have been inseparable ever since Grant managed to win her over in what seemed to be a bull fight at the time with four men all after her. But ever since it has been rock solid for Ali and her American man with multiple scenes showing them sharing a kiss and exchanging an ‘I love you’.

For Jarrod and Kiera it seems that they are happy where they are and despite Jarrod’s over the top obsession with every girl he finds attractive, it’s hard to see him proposing at this stage. And I certainly can’t see Kiera agreeing given her eagerness to take things slow and see where life takes them.

Jake and Meaghan are also out of the picture as Meaghan has, multiple times, stated that she still “hopes to find that deeper, romantic connection with Jake”.

Ultimately, that leaves Tara and Sam as the only other couple likely to propose. Easily the cutest couple in Paradise, the two seem perfect for each other. The part the most convinces me about these two is that Sam still hasn’t cut his hair so Tara must really love him.

No doubt Osher will come in and throw a spanner in the works at some point and of course, we can’t wait to see what it is. The drama certainly cannot end in Monday’s episode.

Bachelor in Paradise Grand Finale airs tonight 7:30 pm on Ten.


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