Avi Wolfson talks about the importance of satisfying his customers

Avi Wolfson is the owner of the eBay store Affordable Assets which sells a diverse range of useful, high quality products. Avi places a high degree of value on ensuring the satisfaction of every single customer that visits his store.

For Avi, business isn’t just business. Customer satisfaction, health and life are equally important to him as he feels they are part of his responsibility and for maintaining meaningful customer-business relations.

Avi answered some questions about his business.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I live in Somerville, Massachusetts and spend a lot of my free time with my beautiful daughter Evangelia. When I’m not with her I enjoy hobbies like writing, playing VR (virtual reality) games and participating in sports – especially football and ping-pong.

I also recently discovered axe-throwing and actually won my league championship.

I’m a pretty average guy when it comes down to it. I enjoy socialising with friends, watching movies and being close to my family.

How did you get the idea to start Affordable Assets?

I had dreamt for a long time of starting my own eBay store. I really enjoy the feeling of brining satisfaction to customers by not only selling them quality goods but by making the process stress-free and reliable.

I definitely have a passion for human connections and seeing the way what I do can impact people’s lives in ways both big and small. I enjoy my store being a positive part of people’s lives – even if it’s only briefly.

The ultimate goal of Affordable Assets is to promote a healthy, meaningful, fun and happy life for all customers.

What’s the most important thing for you to get right with your store?

At Affordable Assets, the most important thing for us has always been customer satisfaction. We take all of our interactions with our customers very seriously and this is why we always respond to their inquiries as quickly as possible.

When I choose items to sell on my store, I choose products that I think are genuinely useful and add to the quality of people’s lives. We’ve worked hard to make Affordable Assets easy for people to use and find a great deal on products they can really benefit from.

What makes your store stand out and what improvements are you making?

We offer free shipping on all orders anywhere in the United States or to any country that is part of eBay’s Global Shipping Program. We will normally pack and process your delivery the very same day your order it.

I also encourage customers to give feedback on what items they would like me to carry.

In terms of improving the store, I plan to add a customer give-back program that would reward loyal customers. I also plan on adding a means of giving back to the world by supporting causes that are important to my customers.

What kind of products do you sell?

At Affordable Assets we really have a huge variety of goods on offer. We have everything from clothing to home improvement to vitamins and dietary supplements. You really need to check out the store for yourself to see just how extensive our range really is.

How important is customer feedback?

When trading on the internet, trust is everything. People have so many nightmare stories about bad interactions with online sellers that it can make them anxious to trust you without some reassurance. The eBay feedback system is really good as it allows new customers to easily see that my store is trustworthy and reliable.

Feedback is also personally very important to me as I get an immense sense of satisfaction when I hear that someone had a positive experience with the store. Knowing that the products I sell are improving people’s lives is what drives me to continue doing what I do.

You can follow up with Avi Wolfson at www.ebaystores.com/AffordableAssets/


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