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Richard Haby is the owner of Oz Trampolines. He’s been designing and selling trampolines since 2007 after seeing a need for higher quality products and increased safety in the industry. He is the author of “The Friendly Fitness Series” and “Full of Bounce”, two books to ensure children can continue to make fun memories of jumping on a trampoline whilst being safe


Kim Kardashian taught Sean Borg how to take perfect selfies

People talk about Kim Kardashian's selfie-taking prowess as if she deserves no credit for honing the skill. Sure, taking a selfie can be a...

Spike Lee will direct 80’s hip-hop version of Romeo & Juliet...

Spike Lee is going back in time to the 1980s to spear-head Prince of Cats as his next labor of love. This project is a unique take...