Ariana Grande is suing Forever 21 for $10m in damages

Ariana Grande has filed a lawsuit against Forever claiming the fashion retailer “stole her name” to market its products. The pop singer is asking for USD10 million in damages.

In the lawsuit Grande filed, she said the American chain store release at least 30 “unauthorized” photos and clips that suggested the singer had endorsed the brand. The Boyfriend hitmaker alleges that Forever 21 even went out of their way to hire a model with an “uncanny” resemblance to the star for some of its marketing material posted on social media.

BBC reports that the lawsuit was filed after Grande and Forever 21 failed to reach an agreement over a joint marketing campaign. The pop icon says she was approached about an endorsement back in 2018.

Forever 21 has stores in over 50 countries globally and was recently the subject of multiple outlets for reportedly filing for bankruptcy.

The reason behind why she and the brand couldn’t reach an agreement is because “the amounts that Forever 21 offered to pay for the right to use Ms. Grande’s name and likeness were insufficient for an artist of her stature.”

“Rather than pay for that right as the law requires, defendants simply stole it,” the complaint that was filed in a federal California court wrote.

Followers of Forever 21 on Instagram may recall images posted on their official account that even quoted lyrics of Grande’s songs in the caption.

In a statement to BBC, Forever 21 says they are hoping that the dispute can be settled outside of court in a “mutual agreement.”

Laura Ebeling
Laura Ebeling
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