Anti-virus tycoon John McAfee goes missing, is believed to be detained

John McAfee, the creator of the McAfee AntiVirus software, has seemingly gone missing. His campaign manager Rob Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Loggia-Ramirez believes that he is currently under U.S. custody.

News of McAfee’s alleged disappearance stems from a series of Tweets posted on Tuesday using McAfee’s official Twitter account. Loggia-Ramirez, who is operating the account, claims that the 2020 presidential candidate has a ticking data time bomb that will blow up if he is not released.

“I have good reason to suspect that John McAfee, @theemrsmcafee and other companions have been detained by authorities at their latest port of call,” Loggia-Ramirez wrote in a Tweet via McAfee’s account on Tuesday.

Loggia-Ramirez also threatened that covert data will be exposed unless McAfee is released.

“If John misses his next check-in, events will be set into motion that I cannot prevent once they have begun. John has secreted data with individuals across the world. I know neither their identities or locations. They will release their payloads if John goes missing,” Loggia-Ramirez wrote.

McAfee has been on the run after he was suspected of murdering his neighbor in Belize back in 2012. He has vehemently denied the claims against him, telling Twitter prior to his disappearance that his only “crime is not filing tax returns,” with the rest of the charges being “propaganda by the US government to silence me.”

In a private Twitter message to CNET, Loggia-Ramirez released a statement on the incident. “I can say that our response has been pre-coordinated in the event something like this happened, and it that has many moving pieces involving people unaware of each other. John is not stupid.”

Christian Woods
Christian Woods
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