Anthony Pusch talks about personal injury law challenges

If you are in a car accident or are otherwise harmed through someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to financial compensation from them under personal injury law. To get it, though, you’ll need to speak to a lawyer – and that’s where Anthony Pusch comes in.

Anthony Pusch is one of the founding attorneys at Texas law firm Pusch & Nguyen, which specialises in personal injury law. He is an expert when it comes to compensation and litigation law, and has helped many people to claim the money they need to overcome injuries caused by negligence.

Pusch helps his clients to work out who they can claim compensation from, and goes after those with the deepest pockets – typically large commercial entities and insurance companies. He is a Texan through and through, having been born in Houston and gone to college and law school in the state.

We spoke to him to find out a bit more about his background and why he started working in personal injury law.

How did you first become involved in personal injury law?

My first experience with personal injury law spurred from my mother’s totalled car accident that resulted in very serious injuries. My mother and I struggled to find a compassionate practice that could help dispute her commercial case and were met with stingy lawyers who were only interested in money. Our hardship inspired me to pursue law school and become a personal injury lawyer in hopes to alleviate the hardships that we faced.

What are some of the more common types of cases that your firm sees?

Our firm see cases ranging from minor liability cases to commercial automotive collisions.

How do you judge if a case is likely to be successful or not?

We take an objective stance when evaluating our clients’ cases. We treat all cases with the same degree of care, minor or commercial.

What would you say are some of the major challenges in a car accident case?

The largest challenges we face are dealing with the greedy insurance companies that not only want to underpay a 3rd party, but their client as well. We take pride in working uphill to bring justice to our clients.

If someone were to be involved in a car accident where they have been injured by someone else, what steps should they take?

Their first line of action should be to ensure the safety of all individuals involved in the wreck. If you, or others are injured, don’t move that person. Should everyone be safe, and it is safe to do so, take pictures of the accident before moving the car, then call officials to help.

Your firm boasts a very impressive 99% success rate – what do you think are some of the factors that contribute to this?

Our firm’s success rate is backed by our hard work and unending pursuit of bringing justice to our clients.

What are some of the aspects of personal injury law that a layperson may not know about?

Many are unfamiliar with the concept of litigating damages which is very important when disputing a personal injury case.

Is there a single case or achievement that you are most proud of in your time at Pusch & Nguyen?

We are proud of all of the work we do on across all of our cases. Helping our clients is our main mission.

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