About Us

About Us

Best in Australia is focused on bringing you news about a variety of topical subjects. Best in Australia takes pride in its work and never lets a good story go untold. Our articles are filled with quality, well-researched information. We care deeply about ensuring our readers get the information they need.

Best in Australia has truly become your one-stop, information shop for everything from business, health, and fashion. Our expert team provides the answers you need to be more informed to make the right decisions. Best in Australia believes in the power of highly-informative, timely and interesting content and strives to provide the best to our readers. No matter what your information needs are, there is something for you on Best in Australia. Whether you are looking for topical news or the latest entertainment gossip, we should be the first website you think of.

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Meet our journalist and contributors:


Head of Content & Editing

Samantha Rigby – As the head of content and editing, Samantha has an eye for detail. She has very strong views on how news should be told and every piece of work must meet her high standards before being published.

She graduated from Sydney University with a Bachelor of Arts. Her dedication to schooling and education knows no bounds. At such a young age, she has travelled the world and experienced a lot of difficult cultures. She feels it is important to share her knowledge and experience with the rest of Australia.

She is a passionate entrepreneur with a unique skill for research and a high attention to detail. She has worked hard to ensure Best in AU is one of the leading news websites within Australia.

Executive Editor

Mike Smith – He has been covering all news related to leaders and entrepreneurs for over a decade and is passionate about bring Australia and the rest of the world with the best information possible.

Mike is a true researcher and wants to showcase the most inspiring leaders through his interviews. He is not afraid to ask the tough questions to understand what makes a great entrepreneur.

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Managing Content Editor

James Russell – He works hard to ensure all content is highly researched and up to date. No matter what the topic, he is not afraid to tackle the issue head on to ensure readers get accurate information.

With a Bachelor of Communications, James knows just how to cover and write about the hard hitting news topics and he has been doing so for almost a decade. No news article is off limits and his research ensures that Australians see a new side to every story.

He mainly covers both AU news and world news for Best in AU. He is opinionated and will not rest until he uncovers the truth about every news related story.

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Associate Editor

Joseph Herron – He likes to have a bit of fun, while also bring the best of the best to all our readers. Joseph is passionate about ensuring all articles on Best in AU are up to the highest of standards.

His area of focus is politics and sport (with a particular interest for AFL). He loves to get out whenever he can to kick a ball around or play a game of cricket.

When he is in the office his lively passion for sport translates into his work. He always keeps up to date with the latest stories and wants to bring this to the readers.

After completing his Bachelor of Economics at Sydney University, he understands how politics affects the economy. This lead to his second greatest passion – politics. He believes all Australians should be informed about the latest changes in politics to ensure we keep living in one of the best countries in the world.


Associate Editor

Winston  October – He is a content writer based in Sydney, NSW Australia. Having worked in the Financial Services Industry for 7 years, Winston has extensive knowledge in banking, finance, superannuation and financial markets.

He understand just how big a role the economy plays in the world and wants to ensure that all Australians are aware of the latest news that could potentially be impacting them.

Winston is also extremely passionate when it comes to sports, and is not afraid to tackle any topic when it comes to rugby union, cricket, rugby league and soccer. He is not afraid to take a controversial approach to sport.

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Associate Editor

Tatjana Milcic – Originally from Belgrade, Serbia but now based in Sydney, she is a writer and a digital marketer but also a true Star Wars fan, who lives and breathes everything digital.

She writes about technology, fashion, and the entertainment industry. When not writing, she likes to practice her photography and web design skills. She believes that not every news story needs a serious approach. Sometimes it is good to read light hearted news.

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Associate Editor

Alok Kharel – Based in Darwin Northern Territory, Australia. Alok comes originally from Nepal and he has been living in Australia for 4 and half years.

Being interested in literature from young age, he started writing and reading several novels, poems and small stories.  He is also a sports loving person and among all the sports, he loves playing cricket.

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Associate Editor

Stephanie Mitchell – She is a content writer, based in Frankston Victoria, Australia. As well as her music-related blog, she writes for Ci Web Group and other companies.

Her passion for music started when she was just a little girl. Over the years this passion has only grown stronger. She believes the power and influence of music has the ability to change the world for the better.

When not writing, she enjoys spending time with her family, reading autobiographies and nonfiction books, walking and listening to classical music.

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Associate Editor

Yousef Jnaid – Doctor of dental surgery who is obsessed with everything new in health care field. His aim is to increase people's health awareness by providing them with the last news of the health care world and to introduce them with the used technologies.

Health is an extremely important issue that many Australians seem to not think about too much. He believes that it is time for someone to step up and take a stand against the hard hitting health news issues.

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Associate Contributor & Copy Writer: Melissa Hamler, Jai Thomson, Joseph Webb, Jim Chronopoulos, Kieran Healy, Oliver Ryan, Roger Mate and Rosemary Mathew

We have many more contributors from right around Australia and the world. If you would like to join our team, please contact us.