Aaron Connolly and Dylan Healy create animated explainer videos

Aaron Connolly and Dylan Healy run Animation Explainers, a company based in Dublin which creates animated explainer videos. This is useful for start-ups and high-tech companies that need to have a presentation ready for potential investors, as the video will clearly explain what the business does and why they are likely to succeed.

Aaron and Dylan, how did you get the idea to start Animation Explainers?

The idea started when we met in the summer of 2017 on a Summer Sales Internship at Marketo. We were fresh out of college with bright notions of careers in the booming SaaS industry in Dublin.

We discovered the complexity of many of the software packages within Marketo’s Automation Engine. Not only that but the complexity of prospective clients that were piling onto Marketo’s website and into our sales CRM system on a daily basis. We’d take sales calls and realise just how difficult it is for many CEOs, Founders, Marketing Managers to convey and simplify the complex products and services they offer.

This is the principle that we founded Animation Explainers, on and where we started our obsession with explanatory video content.

In hotel lobbies, pubs over pints of Guinness and coffee shops we developed a robust animation video package for explainer video, a website and got to work finding clients! It really snowballed from our experiences and interactions with the great team we worked with in Marketo and all the folk we met in the summer of 2017, without their help we wouldn’t have got started on our explainer video pursuit!

How do your videos help your clients?

We have found a unique way to portray clarity, ease of use and communicate with people online and in everyday life through the medium of animated explainer videos.

Many of the businesses we deal with on a daily basis are finding that their own products and services are technical and difficult for people to grasp. This is where our animated explainer videos come in!

We fill this communicative gap using our client’s own branded content, remixing it, adding animation, a bespoke voiceover and high-quality music to get their message across effectively to anyone.

This in turn increases engagement, shortens sales cycles and creates a much, more enticing value proposition for many different organisations.

What industries are your clients usually from?

Everyone and anyone! We work with many different individuals to create innovative and bespoke animated explainer videos. Recently we have been working on a few explainer video projects focused on women’s health products, animation seems to be a great fit for this space as we can strike an emotive and sensitive tone through our videos!

Furthermore, in the past we’ve worked with US manufacturing firm “Iron Jaws” to help them explain their new product that helps secure trailers from a multitude of failures on highways. An animated explainer video is just what Iron Jaws needed. I’ve picked two really different examples here to our usual work, however it just goes to show the wide range and reach of our animated explainer videos.

Most of our past explanatory video portfolio shows our work in financial institutions, medical device companies and software companies worldwide! There is a huge demand for animation explainer videos facing the corporate B2B side, but also internally many larger institutions like to have short tailored explainer animation to explain and simplify concepts, rules and regulations for their staff.

Furthermore, we have also worked with many newer, dynamic Blockchain, Crypto and Forex companies with an international reach on explainer video projects. Usually, we aim for techy CEOs or Marketing Managers who have a complex product and service they need to convey to a larger audience, but they can’t do it themselves.

We step in to help craft their message, tone and scripting for the perfect animated explainer video. Our company has been founded on the ideas and principles of these types of organisations. With the use of Linkedin, Skype and Collaboration documents, we found it easy and seamless dealing with clients worldwide to create explainer video content.

How many companies have you helped with videos?

In engagement with different clients in Ireland and elsewhere we have honed our products and services by working with over 40 different companies worldwide to offer bespoke video content. We both feel now we have two explainer video product offerings which are unique and fit our clients’ needs accordingly, at an affordable price, for both our 2D and 3D packages.

Storytelling is often an afterthought within online content today. People and companies are more interested in getting their content out and judging their result via data analytics, sales forecasts and likes.

You cannot simplify how people feel watching a video into an algorithm for social media, we must move away from this obsession as too many companies/organizations focus on this presently. We flip this onto the message, tone and feeling of the videos creating timeless animated content, which will bring something unique and special to those who work with us at Animation Explainers on an explainer video project.

How long do you normally make the videos?

This depends on the complexity and length of the script! We find the script writing is always a tough element of our process here before the animation explainer creation. Once that is completed, we bring in one of our voiceover artists the rest is a seamless process! On average one of our explainer videos takes 10 to 14 days.

What kind of information do you need to create the animations?

We have a discovery call with all our clients to gather all of their requirements before the animation explainer video process begins. We then help you write a custom script/storyboard. Clients can drop in all your logos/assets/Powerpoint Docs into our animation Project File to be sure branding is seamless within all our explanatory videos.

We then will record your bespoke voiceover for the explainer video. We have vast library of accents and languages to fit your project requirements and always make sure to use the most professional recording equipment.

After the explainer animation process, we continue to work with you through our ‘Project Delivery & Revisions Document’ where you are offered one round of revisions to fix anything you need to be changed within the animated explainer.

When you send us back the document with the changes we can work on the final cut for the explainer video.

Do you help clients all over the world, or just in Ireland?

We have worked on explanatory videos for clients all over the show – Taiwan, Canada, the UK, The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Cyprus, Australia, the US, Singapore, China and even on the Isle of Man!

The language of animation is universal and Animation Explainers are at the forefront of this communicative revolution!

Thank you Aaron and Dylan for your sharing your thought with us!
You can follow up with Aaron Connolly and Dylan Healy at https://animationexplainers.com

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Christian Woods
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