9th Saw movie to start filming says director Darren Lynn Bousman

The ninth installment in the Saw horror film franchise is set to film by the end of this month.

Horror fans rejoice, news of the film’s shooting date was revealed on Twitter by none other than director Darren Lynn Bousman. Last month, Chris Rock was revealed to have conceptualized the movie’s storyline.

Bousman posted a Tweet last Tuesday saying nothing will prepare fans for what he has in store for them. The director’s Tweet read:

“Start shooting the new Saw film in just a few days. Something I never thought I be typing again! Gotta be honest. No one is ready for the insanity about to bleed out on screen!”

The newest Saw film will be co-produced by Rock, James Wan (Saw creator, Aquaman Director) and Leight Whannell (Saw co-creator). The screenplay will be from Pete Goldfinger and Josh Stolberg. The same duo worked together for the last franchise installment, Jigsaw.

Stolberg clarified on Twitter that the newest Saw installment isn’t going to be a remake but rather a canon in the Saw universe. Replying to a fan on Twitter who asked if it will be so Stolberg said:

“The film is NOT a reboot. It is canon. All the films exist in the same universe. And who knows, maybe Saw X will tie all the stories together. You never know.”

Stolberg also addressed the die-hard fans of the franchise writing:
“I think many of the die-hard Saw fans were upset that we took such a huge departure from the franchise’s story trajectory, but I think that the film worked for many new audience members that didn’t know the franchise as well (which I think explains the high audience score)”

Samantha Rigby
Samantha Rigby
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