6 simple ways you can encourage your tenants to recycle

If you own an investment property, you perhaps understand the importance of encouraging your tenants for recycling. Keeping your apartment area appealing, safe, and free from garbage might be one of the prime reasons for this. It could be challenging for many to promote recycling to their tenants at utmost, but with a few steps, it would be much easier for them to make the recycling ventures successful.

Read on our following approaches to encourage your tenants to recycle easily as much as possible:

1. Provide tenants appropriate bin:

An excellent way to encouraging tenants for recycling is to keep different bins in your property area and to make sure that they are appropriately levelled.

While choosing bin, you should go for the large one that can hold a large amount of general recyclable products (paper, glass, aluminium, plastic, etc.) for a few days and thus making it easier for you to collect them at once.

Also, ensure that the containers you placed can be wiped easily. You may consider purchasing small bins that are easier to move and provide those to your tenants to make those worthwhile for reducing waste so that instead of throwing out the trash, they will put them in the bin when they notice them.

2. Make recycling convenient:

Put the recycling bins in common areas so that tenants can easily find them. Also, make sure that they are placed nearby the waste containers. It will become more convenient for the tenants to recycle when they take out their trash. What you need to do is to provide your tenants with easy-to-store recycling and waste container, both, which eventually encourage them to recycle instead of throwing out their garbage.

Here are three simple and effective ways to make recycling more accessible for your tenants:

  • Setting up big recycling bins and dumpsters on-site at your area could be a convenient way of recycling for your tenants, especially those who might not be able to haul their garbage easily and not willing to pay for extra garbage removal services. Consequently, helping your tenants to get rid of the waste and also preventing your complex from being messy.
  • Place educational signage and stickers or posters about recycling near every bean. In doing so, it does not only create awareness amongst your tenants but also helps reduce their confusion about recycling.
  • Putting colour-coding to all of the recycling bins is another way to guide your tenants to distinguish which containers to use for what items as well as to make them aware of the waste recycling.

3. Educate your tenants:

Inform your tenants about recycling. Following are some of the ideas to educate your tenants:

  • You could arrange meetings or education sessions with the residents explaining how to recycle different types of waste and informing the rules to recycle those and informing them to try to consume less and reuse more.
  • Moreover, you can post flyers or posters near the dumpsters not to throw everything in the garbage and to remind your tenants to recycle reusable products in proper areas. For doing so, you could make a list of recyclable items such as posters, cardboard boxes, and many more that are reusable.
  • Another excellent idea is to invite a guest from your local recycling center to make the tenants aware of the benefits of recycling.
  • Always encourage your tenants to ask questions if they have any confusion. That said, the more tenants know about recycling, the more will be encouraged to recycle, meaning that they can contribute significantly to your recycling efforts.
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4. Ask for feedback from tenants:

Allow the opportunity for your tenants to give their insight, as they are the people who can most contribute to your recycling program. They can also let you know whether your recycling program is improving or not.

Encourage them to give suggestions on their own if they have any. Knowing your tenant’s needs, you can quickly help them out and boost recycling rates simultaneously.

5. Make recycling fun for your tenants:

You might be wondering how recycling can be fun! Well, it can.

Here are some of the ideas of making recycling fun for your tenants:

  • Host a lunch party with your tenants before you kick off your recycling program suggesting your tenants come and bring their recycling containers. Develop games related to recycling. For instance, you could play a trivia game about recycling facts. At first sight, it sounds strange. But it worth a try.
  • No one can deny the importance of letting kids know about recycling and taking care of the world we live in. So, what can be done to do that? Some of the ways, including; having a recycle day parade in the school or community, taking a family trip to the recycling centre, playing games, decorating recycling bins, etc. are helpful to educate them.
  • Encourage your tenants to be creative with their old and unused products. There are endless possibilities to do that. For instance, creating art and craft (flower art, plastic bottle fairy houses, paper bags, etc.) using their old recycle items and making the best use of them. Use everything from newspapers, books to plastic products, old t-shirts, etc. and creates pieces of stuff that will be useful and also you can give someone as gifts.

6. Encourage your residents for donating:

Donating is undoubtedly an excellent idea for reducing a significant amount of waste. Encourage your tenants, letting them know about the benefits of donating. For doing so, you can send out the brochure of local donation centres to your community so that they know what the items are no longer use and which are worth to donate instead of throwing them away.

Another way to do that is to put the donation box in a common area in your complex. Say, for example, putting boxes in the laundry area might work well where tenants could toss their clothes that they no longer want to use.

Now you have found ways to encourage your tenants to recycle. It’s time to make the best use of them. If you are looking for a cost-efficient waste management solution, then hiring a skip bin could be an excellent contribution to your recycling efforts. An experienced skip bin hire service provider company, can assist you in this regard by providing reliable, cost-efficient bin hiring services.

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