50 Cent feels “sick” about Comcast dropping “Power”

It’s difficult to say what the future holds for 50 Cent’s series, “Power”. The show is currently in limbo as negotiations between Comcast and Starz are falling out. It’s likely that the major cable provider will no longer be picked up by the premium channel.

As with every show facing jeopardy, fans and the people behind the show aren’t happy about it. This includes Power’s executive producer and 50 Cent. The rapper understandably did not receive the news well. 50 Cent has taken to social media to express how he feels about the whole situation with Comcast receiving the not-so-good end of it.

The rapper is known for his antics on social media platforms. While some are lighthearted and funny, others have gotten him in trouble. When news broke about the rift between Comcast and Starz 50 Cent’s reaction was rather mild. On Twitter, he shared a GIF of his character Kanan Stark taken from the show. In the caption he wrote:

“I’m sick right now so I lose millions of viewers today because of Comcast, They are dropping STARZ no more POWER, I’m Dead.”

While the tweet was a tad bit melodramatic, it was quite subdued for someone like him who seems to really go off on social media.

According to CinemaBlend, the earliest possible date that Starz will be dropped by Comcast is on December 10. If it pushes through, Power will have aired its series finale by then. Unless the two companies can compromise, fans will be left hanging and 50 Cent won’t be happy about that either.

Ben Hornery
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