5 reasons why clients need trustworthy & reliable family lawyers

When citizens reach out for representation through family lawyers, they need to know they have hired a representative who will be trustworthy and reliable.

In some cases these characteristics are intangible, but there will be ratings, reviews and reflections that are provided by past clients and peers to shed light on these facets for people.

No matter what profile of case, there will be 5 core reasons why clients need to be able to recognise these qualities in their solicitor.

1: Dealing with sensitive details

Clients will discuss the most private details of their personal lives to family lawyers in the expectation that they will be able to guide them and achieve quality outcomes. In these private and confidential settings, local members need to know that they can trust these operators and that they are reliable participants in the process. This ensures that no such information will be disclosed to outside parties, or that the information will lead to unintended consequences.

2: Talking with people in tough emotional states

The anger, frustration, fear, sadness and anxiety that many people will feel during a divorce settlement or child custody battle are not to be underestimated. Although family lawyers do not have the same skills and provisions that therapists offer, they need to be able to demonstrate a level of empathy, kindness and patience with participants who are in such an emotional state. If they are able to provide a cared and considered environment for their clients, that will illustrate a level of trust that will be valuable.

3: Handling financial responsibilities

There are financial obligations that clients will face if they decide to proceed ahead and hire family lawyers. Their conduct in this instance will be key, ensuring that they can offer flexible policies that don’t add to the stress and anxiety of their constituents. From pro bono work and bills dependent on the legal outcome to flat rates and hourly fees, community members need to know that they can trust their representative to handle their financial responsibilities.

4: Obtaining documentation & evidence

The work that family lawyers do behind the scenes will commonly dictate how successful they will be for their clients. While they will present a professional image and outline a pathway forward with their discussions, it will be their endeavour to obtain documents and firsthand evidence that will ultimately be beneficial for their constituents. This is a facet of their role that will speak to their diligence as well as their work ethic, placing time and resources into fighting for their client’s interests and achieving key tasks.

5: Achieving quality outcomes

Trustworthiness and reliability are two central characteristics that clients of family lawyers will value on a number of counts, yet there is no more prescient piece of criteria than the need to achieve a quality outcome. Whether it is a settlement on a divorce, winning child custody or adoption rights to enjoying more dividends from a property settlement, local members need to know that they have a proven performer working for their best interests.


As these 5 reasons have outlined, engaging family lawyers places constituents in a vulnerable state knowing they are fighting a battle that requires care, guidance, patience and a need for action. There will be many candidates who have established a proven track record of looking out for their client’s best interests, showcasing those trustworthy and reliable traits that go beyond their basic professional duty. Citizens are advised to talk to other community members and survey their options before investing their time and money with a legal practitioner to oversee their case.

Mike Smith
Mike Smith
Executive Editor at Best in Australia. Mike has spent over a decade covering news related to business leaders and entrepreneurs around Australia and across the world. You can contact Mike here.
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