20 most popular cat breeds and their personalities

Feline lovers will love their cat no matter what breed it is. However some have a preference over others when it comes to choosing a new kitty. There are so many breeds out there that it is hard to come up with what actually is the most popular cat breed amongst pet owners. Once you have a list of the most commonly owned breed how do you know for sure that it is accurate?

To give an insight into people’s personal preference we have come up with the 20 most popular cat breeds. The information to form this list came from many different vet clinics and their numbers for the amount of cats that were taken in to either be adopted or registered.

So without a further ado lets claw into which breed of feline is the most popular amongst pet owners.

Below is a list of some of the most popular cat breeds:

#1 Persian

Persian Cat
Persian Cat. Photo: Barnabe-grafik, Pixabay

Easily one of the most recognised and popular breed of cat is the Persian. This breed actually has a very old history where they have been at the centre of civilization since they were first introduced into Europe in the 17th century. Up until the late 19th century the breeding of cats with long hair from Turkey, Afghanistan and Persia were classified as Asiatic cats and were commonly bred together. Today they have been bred to keep their very unique look which is a round head, short face, snub nose, chubby cheeks, rounded ears and big eyes.

#2 Maine Coon

Maine Coon
Maine Coon Cat. Photo: Skeeze, Pixabay

The Maine Coon is a native New England breed that hailed from Maine. They were a very popular farm cat, mouser and most likely a ship cat up until the early 19th century. This breed is very good natured and adapts well too many different lifestyles and personalities. They like people being around them but they aren’t necessarily clingy. The mouser trait has still been passed down for many generations so expect your home to be rodent free.

#3 Ragdoll

Ragdoll Cat
Ragdoll Cat. Photo: Blue-Heaven, Pixabay

Ragdolls are very smart and with enough positive reinforcement can quickly pick up tricks and good habits such as scratching posts. This particular breed is fairly new compared to the other breeds as it was first developed by a breeder in the 1960s. They love people and like what their name suggests they simply collapse in your arms when you pick them up. Even if they are cradled on their back, they love a good cuddle and scratch from anyone. They generally stay on the same level as people rather than being at the highest point in the room.

#4 Siamese

Siamese Cat
Siamese Cat. Photo: Rihaij, Pixabay

The Siamese cat is the pinnacle of sophistication as they look like they are all dressed up for a masquerade ball. If you live in an apartment or house that doesn’t allow for pets good luck trying to hide a Siamese as they are very talkative and opinionated. While they are extremely fond of people, they will definitely tell you what they are thinking in a very loud and raspy tone and expect you to wait on them when the call. They do require attention and play time so if you are on the go all the time this may not be the right breed for you.

#5 British Shorthair

British Shorthair Cat
British Shorthair Cat. Photo: Alexas_Fotos, Pixabay

The British shorthair is iconic in pop culture being the breed that was featured as puss in boots from Shrek and the Cheshire Cat of Alice in Wonderland. It is obliviously an English breed and has been the pinnacle of the pedigree since the Victorian era. They are very mellow and easy going making them a wonderful addition to any family. They love some affection but doesn’t whinge non-stop when you don’t give them love for 2 seconds.

#6 Exotic Shorthair

Exotic Shorthair Cat
Exotic Shorthair Cat. Photo: Wokwak, Pixabay

The exotic shorthair is similar to the Persian breed but with a different coat. They were first bred in the 1950s by cross breeding Persians with American shorthairs. They were then bred with Burmese and Russian Blue breeds before going back to Persian once they had a short coat. The result was a breed with the same features and personality of the Persian but with an easy to care for coat. Due to their pedigree breeding they do come with a lot of health concerns relating to their face.

#7 Abyssinian

Abyssinian Cats
Abyssinian Cats. Photo: Tsapenkodg, Pixabay

While most cats love to sleep and laze around, the Abyssinian lives life to the max. They climb higher, jump further and play harder than their other brethren. They are a very intelligent breed which makes them both an entertaining and challenging pet to have. Abby Grabby is the nickname given to this breed as they are known for taking anything that grabs their attention. If you do plan on getting an Aby be sure to have a tonne of toys on hand as they love to play!

#8 Tonkinese

Tonkinese cat
Tonkinese Cat. Photo: Anna-av, Bigstock

Tonk cats are very friendly, loving and active pets to have. While you may generally think of cats as being independent and aloof, you definitely haven’t met a Tonk before. They demand attention and affection and won’t stop until you give in and bend to their demands. They will follow you around the house, join in on family activities and will simply sit on your shoulder given the chance.

#9 Russian Blue

Russian Blue Cat
Russian Blue Cat. Photo: Lisvnorrland, Pixabay

The Russian Blue is elegant, gentle and quiet breed that loves to play. They love to climb and jump up to high places where they can watch over their humans and study them from afar. Guests won’t receive their immediate attention as they prefer to assess the situation before they get involved with complete strangers. But to their favourite people they are super loyal and will follow you around and ride on your shoulder.

#10 Bengal

Bengal Cat
Bengal Cat. Photo: Skeeze, Pixabay

Bengals are the athletes of cat breeds being agile, graceful, strong with a very muscular body. They are high active and intelligent which means it is common for them to pick up a number of tricks and games. Bengals are a very confident, friendly and talkative breed that is alert to everything. Be sure to have toys on hand for these little guys as they tend to get a bit destructive if they get bored around the house.

#11 Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold Cat
Scottish Fold Cat. Photo: Karinwoerdehoff, Pixabay

Named after their adorably folded ears, the Scottish Fold loves nothing more than being cuddled up with people and being a part of whatever they are doing. After you get past their very noticeable ears you will find that they love to zone out in some very weird positions including but not limited to the meerkat pose or being sprawled across the ground. They are a very smart breed that loves teaser toys that test their agility.

#12 Siberian

Siberian Cat
Siberian Cat. Photo: July, Pixabay

The long haired Siberian cat originates all the way from Russia where the cold, forested area definitely contributed to their coat. While their homeland is cold, their hearts are very warm and love to be around people and follow them around. If you need help reading while you are on the toilet you can be sure that the Siberian cat will be there to assist you. Getting their fur combed while sitting in your lap may be their favourite thing in the entire world.

#13 Birman

Birman Cat
Birman Cat. Photo: Spoba, Pixabay

The Birman breed communicate with a soft meow to politely remind you to feed them or to ask you if you would like to cuddle on the couch. They are very docile, quiet breed that love to follow their favourite people from room to room. They’re not as bossy as the Siamese breed but do like to be involved in everything that you are doing. They are also very smart and curious and love to explore their environment.

#14 Himalayan

Himalayan Cat
Himalayan Cat. Photo: Mariamichelle

Similar to the Persian, the Himalayan cat is very docile, sweet and quiet. Their affection is reserved for their close family members and the few guests that they trust. They don’t tend to like strangers or loud situations. They are sedate creatures that prefer a nice serene environment where they can be petted by their family. When you go off to work or school the Himalayan is also very content to just sit on the couch or a chair all day until you get back.

#15 Nebelung

Nebelung Cat
Nebelung Cat. Photo: iVangelos, Bigstock

With a striking resemblance to the dragon from The Never Ending Story, the Nebelung is also a gentle and quiet cat that loves to play. They enjoy jumping and climbing up onto high places where they can study people from up top. Similar to the Himalayan they are very reserved when it comes to strangers and will only come out to the ones that they trust. Otherwise your guests may not even know that you have a cat after all this time.

#16 Norwegian Forest

Norwegian Forest Cat
Norwegian Forest Cat. Photo: Herz_Koenigin, Pixabay

The very gentle and friendly Norwegian Forest cat is very fond of family members and doesn’t need constant attention and petting. They are satisfied if they are in the same room as people and are happy to entertain themselves when no one is home. While they appreciate human company, they can be a bit reserved with strangers and guests to the home. They aren’t really a lap cat sort of breed even with family members but won’t turn down the chance for a good scratch between the ears.

#17 Bombay

Bombay Cat
Bombay Cat. Photo: Aleksandr Volchanskiy, Bigstock

The very lively and affectionate Bombay cats love people and are very adaptable to many different lifestyles. Their calm nature makes them great for apartments and are more than happy to hang around with a couple of other friendly cats. They do like to be number one though and will hog all the best hiding and warm spots around the house. They are always up for a chat with their owner but won’t scream at you when you are trying to communicate.

#18 Burmese

Burmese Cat
Burmese Cat, Photo: Jai79, Pixabay

These energetic and friendly cats are very smart and do crave attention from others. That attention can be from other pets so if your household is empty for long periods of time with no one else home you may want to consider a different breed. In saying that they get along very well with other cats and dogs but another Burmese cat will be his best friend above all.

#19 Chartreux

Chartreux Cat
Chartreux Cat. Photo: Congerdesign,Pixabay

Chartreux cats have been known to be compared to mimes due to how quiet they can be along with their silliness at times. Short playtimes intermitted with naps and meals is the perfect day for a Chartreux. They love toys are will pounce on them with amazing aerial acrobatics. Additionally they love lure toys where they can run all over the house with.

#20 American Shorthair

American Shorthair Cat
American Shorthair Cat, Photo: Karikdickinson, Pixabay

While they may still have their mouse killing ability, they are a lot more docile than the average feline predator which makes them a perfect addition for a family. Due to their shorthaired coat they don’t shed a lot which makes the American Shorthair a great for families who don’t need any extra mess to clean up!

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