Why you should consider shared living arrangements

Shared living arrangements have become more and more common in Australia, especially since the creation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme in 2013. The NDIS is expected to be fully operational in 2020 and will be entirely publicly funded. If you have a disability or someone in your family does, supported accommodation vacancies are a viable option for you or that person. Indeed, shared disability housing presents a variety of great benefits for the users of such services. Not convinced? Well, read this article to find out why you should certainly consider supported accommodation vacancies.

Improve social skills

Groups homes can benefit disabled individuals in the sense that they can help build valuable social engagement with other people. It is common for people living in disadvantaged circumstances to suffer from depression. They often become quite isolated because they are unable to see their friends frequently. Relying on other people can also foster a sense of inadequacy and dependency, which can become serious. Disabled group homes are critical in developing happiness and self-esteem, while looking for ways to remove their culture of reliance.

Foster independence

Independent living arrangements are also crucial in developing a sense of autonomy and independence. As outlined prior, many people with disabilities feel isolated and overly reliant on their close family and friends. Thankfully, supported accommodation vacancies present a viable option for someone looking to improve their autonomy. These share houses come with well-equipped social workers, who can help you develop the necessary skills and faculty so you can assume a greater level of control over your life.

Create meaningful relationships

Supported accommodation vacancies can help create a great environment where beautiful and meaningful relationships can develop and flourish. Sharing your living space with people you can frequently socialise with can help augment long-term connections. While privacy needs to be maintained and respected, there is always a time and a place for relationships and friendships. These bonds can provide extra value and meaning in our lives, so they should be cherished and valued.

Housekeeping skills

In addition, supported accommodation vacancies should be pursued because they can greatly help you improve your general housekeeping skills. Supervising social workers can help you create easy to follow routines and schedules, which will help you become accustomed to fulfilling domestic chores. These tasks often include food preparation, cooking, laundry, washing the dishes, cleaning your living space and organising social events. Indeed, this can have the effect of fostering a positive and welcoming culture.

Medicinal management

Many disabled individuals often need medication or some form of treatment/therapy on an ongoing basis as a way of improving their quality of life. It is crucial that this support is effectively delivered, received and monitored on an ongoing basis. Fortunately, this can occur in supported accommodation vacancies, since reliable staff can adequately support all those individuals in need when taking their medication or receiving some form of treatment.

Safety and security

If you are considering supported accommodation vacancies for a loved one or friend, then their safety and security is naturally one of your primary concerns. Thankfully, you can rest assured that a qualified person can be there if needed to ensure your loved one’s safety and reliable care.


Hence, shared disability arrangements can be highly valuable for those greatly in need of it. There are many reasons for this, including the creation of a safe space, the development of skills to build autonomy, management of treatment and medicines, along with the enhancement of social skills and domestic chores. If you believe that you or family member could benefit from supported accommodation vacancies, start researching today.

Mike Smith
Mike Smith
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