Why Renée Zellweger’s fake nose for ‘Judy’ kept breaking off

Hollywood films aren’t always about glitz and glam. Sometimes, it can even be quite embarrassing. For Renée Zellweger, the fact that her prosthetic nose for the film ‘Judy’ kept awkwardly breaking off in intimate scenes with Finn Wittrock is an example of this.

Zellweger hilariously revealed the matter while she was at the Toronto International Film Festival 2019 to promote her forthcoming biopic on Judy Garland. The actress dished details on how pieces of her prosthetic nose hilariously broke off during a kissing scene with Wittrock.

The actress revealed that she didn’t really notice that some of the prosthetic material left a residue on Wittrock’s face. “I did not know until this kissing scene and I look at him with horror…” the actress told Entertainment Tonight. She then revealed how frustrating it was that she couldn’t remove it from his face as the camera kept rolling for the scene.

“The glue and the thing and the chemicals or something, I don’t know, and some of it would just sneak out the crevice,” Zellweger then added as she laughed the experience off. “[Very] glamorous,” she added.

In Judy, Zellweger transforms into Judy Garland, one of the most profound performers to step on Hollywood. The film centers on the time Garland moved to London in order to revive her troubled career back in 1969. Garland died the same year from an accidental drug overdose and the film sheds light on the late star’s struggles with substance abuse.

Judy arrives in theaters later this month on September 27.

Laura Ebeling
Laura Ebeling
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