True crime web series ‘I Am A Killer’ renewed by Netflix and A+E Networks

‘I Am A Killer’ a true-crime series available for streaming on Netflix is renewed for another ten-episode run for its second season. The show features detailed sit-down interview with a select few of the longest-serving prisoners in America’s death row.

The web series gives audiences an in-depth view of how prisoners are treated under the death row system as wells as how their crimes affect the communities and the families involved.

I Am A Killer’s first season, released last year, featured an ensemble of all-male killers. Deadline reports that the second season will put the spotlight on female criminals for the first time.

The show also aired on UK’s C+I network last year. The show’s line up of executive producers includes Ned Parker, Danny Tipping, Natalka Znak and Diana Carter.

Znak credits the series’ global success and positive critical acceptance to the “Amazing access and incredibly gripping stories”. She also says that Tipping, who also leads the show’ factual department was able to pool a team of talented experts to make the show a trailblazer in the crime and documentary genre.

Tipping also expressed his joy over the series renewal saying, “I’m extremely proud of this series – it shows that you can tell these challenging stories with integrity and without compromise, and still find a global audience.”

Carter, the commissioning editor for C+I said, “I Am A Killer plays a key part in our programming strategy; sitting alongside other locally produced hits like Murdertown with Katherine Kelly and the forthcoming Evil Up Close. “

Ben Hornery
Ben Hornery
Ben is is a senior journalist and sport columnist for Best in Australia. He previously worked for the BC and other radio stations.
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