Tom Holland says he was drunk when he saved Spider-Man

The Spider-Man franchise didn’t have a clear future earlier this year due to Marvel and Sony’s dispute over the superhero franchise.

Many people were worried if the worst came into light if Disney and Sony were not able to settle their dispute over Holland’s Spider-Man tenure.

The two companies went their separate ways after not being able to come into an agreement that would have provided a co-financing setup for the two major studios. This meant that it was initially thought that the rights to the Spider-Man character would be brought back to Sony which meant that Holland’s tenure as the web-slinger would come to an end.

This thankfully did not materialize though, as, after a month from the apparent fall-out between Sony and Disney, the two studios agreed to produce another Spider-Man film for Sony. The new deal was not made available to the public with Sony declining at given any statement and just said that they have had a great four-year collaboration with Disney and that their desire to move forward was as important to them as to a lot of fans and are happy that they could continue to collaborate.

The new Spider-Man film is projected to premiere July 16t 2021. Besides the next standalone film for the Spider-Man franchise, it was also reported that everyone’s favorite web-slinger will appear on a future Marvel film in their Phase 4.

Holland was a guest last Wednesday in Jimmy Kimmel Live and shared how he got the news that he was still Peter Parker. The actor said that everything started at the 2019 D23 Expo. Holland shared that he was upset when he got the news and be at the event and not be allowed to be part of any Marvel-related activities at the event.

The actor then went on to say that he asked for Disney head honcho, Bob Iger’s email and sent him a message. Holland’s message went on to say that he was very grateful to Iger for the opportunity and that he has had the best five years of his life. He also thanked Iger for changing his life in the best possible way and hoped that they could work again in the future.

Iger went on to reply to Holland’s email immediately and said that he wanted to talk to the young actor over the phone. But after a few days of radio silence, Holland was in a bar enjoying a few drinks spending some quality time with his family. He went on to explain in his Kimmel interview that he had a phonically from an unknown number and thought to himself that the call might be from Bob Iger, but stopped for a second and realized that he was drunk.

Holland then went on to have a conversation with the Disney CEO and revealed to the actor that they might be a way to produce another Spider-Man film. Iger explained to Holland that there were a lot of back and forth calls between Disney and Sony and wanted his opinion on the matter. Holland then went on to share that he started to tear up on the notion that these two big studio executives wanted his opinion.

Now that the deal has been put in place, both Holland and the hordes of Spider-Man fans can now relax. Fans then went on to social media to voice out their relief and support for Holland.

The young actor is now going the rounds to promote his upcoming animated feature Spies in Disguise where he co-stars with Will Smith that will premiere Christmas Day, December 25th.

Alain Ang
Alain Ang
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