Tips for when you start working out again

Exercise is needed to ensure you are healthy and you can manage your weight properly. Sometimes people take a break from exercising and their health slips, so they need to get back at it again. It can certainly be difficult getting back into the swing of things, when it comes to exercising again. But the good news is that there are many different types of exercises you can do, depending on your level.

It is important to establish a routine when you start working out again, and try to stick to it as much as possible. Everyone is different, so they will want to go about their workout in a different manner. Some people prefer working out with friends or family, others like to do it alone, while some people like doing a session at the gym, and others prefer to exercise at home.

No matter what skill level you have, how or where you like to work out, if you are just starting out again, have a read on below at some of the best tips:

Tips for when you start working out again

Set realistic goals

It is always good to have something to work towards, whether that is to lose weight, become more active, or have something more specific like, run 10km, lift 70kg, plank for 10 minutes, etc. While it is important to have goals, they also need to be realistic as well.

You can have an overarching goal, for example to lose 20kg, and then have mini goals within that goal, like to lose 5kg. Then, once you reach that mini goal, you get to reward yourself with something nice, like a weekend away with friends. Having a good and telling people about it can also help motivate you to stick with it until you have successfully reached the goal.

Find the right exercise equipment

This could refer to finding the right exercise equipment at the gym that you like and can get the most effective work out from. Or even purchasing the right exercise equipment for your home set up. It actually doesn’t take that much equipment to get a good work out in, and even just your body weight can be enough.

Although, it is still good to have some staples, like a mat for example, because if you are doing work on the floor, it is a good idea to have a soft mat between you and the floor. If you do prefer to work out from home, then there are a few other pieces of exercise equipment that you should consider, like a dumbbell set, skipping robe, etc.

The value of warm up / cool down exercisesTips to start working out again

If you have been out of the game for a while, then it could be easy to forget about the importance of warm up as well as cool down exercises. These types of exercises are very important and should be included in every work out you have.

Doing these types of exercises will help prevent injury when working out and it can also assist to reduce soreness after a work out, which is something you are definitely going to feel if you work out for the first time in a long time. Cool down exercises will also help return your body back to normal again and assist with breathing and body temperature.

Develop weekly exercise program

If you develop an exercise program and you already know what you are going to do and when, it makes it a lot easier to stick with. You can develop an exercise program with or without equipment, and you can have different things on the program every day and swap things around every week as well.

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