The Weeknd cancels Selena Gomez-inspired song

Like Selena, The Weeknd’s supposed new single that Gomez inspired was supposed to be released but has been inadvertently dropped.

Last week rumors have been reported by multiple media outlets that the rapper was releasing a single about ex-girlfriend  Selena Gomez. The rumor mill started churning out the gossip when the ASCAP site after the track ‘Like Selena’ was registered under Abel Tesfaye. The Weeknd’s real name and was listed as the performer and writer of the song.

People have speculated that The Weeknd was following up Gomez’s move with her releasing a break-up song about her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber a few weeks ago.

ASCAP, however, has long taken down the registration after numerous media outlets have reported on the track’s information which made things become more spicier. Last week, the rapper had been teasing about releasing new music via his Instagram account, posting blurry photos captioned ‘the fall starts tomorrow night’.

The rapper then released a new track titled The Heartless and followed it up by dropping a new track titled Blinding Lights just four days ago. Even after releasing two new singles, good ones, to be honest, it would seem like The Weeknd will not be releasing any Selena Gomez themed songs for now.

E! Online reported that a source close to the former couple shared that it had been really rough for the two on how things went down between them and had been honest and open on where they wanted to go in their lives and that distance was a major factor that led to their decision of breaking up. The former couple started seeing each other two years ago in 2017 but broke up after just under a year of dating.

The source also added that the fallout between Gomez and The Weeknd came right after Gomez’s kidney transplant procedure. During her medical procedure, the pop star leaned heavily on her friends more than the rapper. The rapper had just a very full plate to just abandon it and just couldn’t set aside enough time to be there for her.

E! also reported that the source also stated that Gomez’s friends didn’t really like the rapper because he was not part of their church group and never really got along well with Gomez’s friends which at the time was her main focus.

Alain Ang
Alain Ang
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