The parents of Dolly Everett have revealed the events that lead to their daughter’s death

The parents of Dolly Everett have opened up on the “sickening” actions of the bullies that led the young girl to her death.

Tick and Kate, the parents of the young girl driven to her death as a result of bullying say that they still think about what they could’ve done to prevent it. In a recent interview, the couple spoke about the hell that their daughter went through along with one chilling email revealing her bullies’ actions and the moment they found their daughters body.

Living on a remote cattle station in the Northern Territory, they said that their daughter was a “happy-go-lucky, carefree” character and that she was tough and could get through anything.

Despite loving life on the ranch and having a close relationship with her sister Meg, Tick and Kate believed that it would be best for their daughter’s education to send them to boarding school for their high school years.

They said that they believed it was “the best option for an education” and that they have weighed up the “pros and cons with them about their interests”.

Attending Scots PGC College in Warwick, Queensland, Tick and Kate said that Dolly Everett and her sister Meg liked the school but that not long into the first term, they began to get reports of Dolly having “issues”.

Kate said that her daughter had told her that “boys were calling her a slut” and that she told Dolly to just forget about it, ignore it and over time things will get better.

However, the issues didn’t seem to get better quickly and Kate contacted the school where she believes that it was simply “swept under the cover” with the school claiming that it was “not a massive issue.”

Kate said that there was one particular boy who would pick on Dolly by calling her names and pushing her before one day she turned around and “decked” the bully. Ultimately, her retaliation got her in trouble.

This so called ‘rebellious streak’ continued as the second year came around and Kate began to realise that everything was certainly not OK. “She went from the most enjoyable little girl to someone that did end up in trouble at school” she said following a phone call making her aware that her daughter was sending explicit photos to a boy.

She was suspended again after she was caught drinking at the end of year 9. It wasn’t long after that her daughter sent an email highlighting the “savage abuse” that the bullies would throw at her. Kate said Dolly had requested to come home in the email outlining that the bullies were calling her a “dirty slut” and that she “should kill (herself)”.

That summer following Year 9 seemed all but normal until only a few days a quick family holiday, it all changed.

Dolly and her sister had gone to bed but just 30 minutes later her parents found her dead. “There was nothing we could do” Kate said.

Since their daughter’s death, Tick and Kate have been strong advocates of helping children who are being bullied and encouraging others to open up.

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